Breaking Your Relationship Pattern, Part 3

Written by Rinatta Paries

Do you want to put to restrepparttar people and situations from your past so they do not interfere with your current and future relationships?

I bet you said yes. Who doesn't have something in their past they want to put to rest? Then let's talk about what action steps you can take to createrepparttar 101835 absence of past -- or completion -- in your life.

Below are a series of action steps. You'll want to pick a few and repeat them until you are complete with various people and circumstances from your past.

The time it takes to get to genuine completion will vary from person to person and situation to situation. For some it can come quickly. But sometimes completion happens over time: we may have to forgive, let go, or communicate to people in stages over a period of time.

Here are 10 action steps to put to restrepparttar 101836 people and situations from your past. Use these action steps onrepparttar 101837 list of incompletions you created from last week's article.

1. Write Letters Write letters torepparttar 101838 person or people to whom you feel resentful, hurt, or still attached. Freely say everything you want to say and write as many letters as necessary to feel complete, each time going deeper inside to express your full emotions. Do not send these letters, but instead do something with them that leads you to feel you are getting rid ofrepparttar 101839 feelings. Flushrepparttar 101840 letters downrepparttar 101841 toilet, burn them, bury them, etc.

2. Tell Your Story Tell your story over and over to a trusted friend, advisor, or your journal. Make sure neither you norrepparttar 101842 person listening edit or judge what you say or write, give advice, or make comments to dispute your feelings. Your job is to communicate and be listened to attentively.

3. Talk torepparttar 101843 Right Person Talk torepparttar 101844 person with whom you haverepparttar 101845 incompletion. Do this only if you are surerepparttar 101846 person will be able to listen to you inrepparttar 101847 same way as in Step 2 above. If you do have this conversation, make sure not to blame or be rude, but talk about your feelings andrepparttar 101848 consequences in your life. If you haverepparttar 101849 opportunity, have as many conversations as you need to get complete.

4. Imagine Talking torepparttar 101850 Right Person Ifrepparttar 101851 conversation in Step 3 above is not feasible, have this conversation in your imagination. Giverepparttar 101852 conversation as much time and undivided attention as you would give a real conversation. This works best as a closed eye meditation/visualization.

5. Role Play Ask a trusted friend to role-playrepparttar 101853 incomplete situation with you or imagine being back inrepparttar 101854 situation. Use this opportunity to say what you wish you had said. Repeatrepparttar 101855 role play again, but this time haverepparttar 101856 other person act in a way that would have avoided causingrepparttar 101857 incompletion. Repeatrepparttar 101858 process over time until you feel complete.

What Is My Purpose?

Written by Helaine Iris

What Is My Purpose? Helaine Iris © 2002

"When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous." --Wayne Dyer

For most of my life I can remember asking myselfrepparttar question, “Who am I and why am I here?” My answer to myself often left me feeling empty and wondering if I would ever know my true life’s purpose.

As a child and young woman, I didn’t have a grand dream or calling that I could remember. I was interested in a lot of different things and wasn’t afraid to explore. My parents, both successful individuals didn’t have glamorous careers or speak of lofty visions of achievement. Growing up with them, I knew I would get married, have a family and find something meaningful inrepparttar 101834 world that I would hope to find fulfillment in.

I found many gratifying things to do overrepparttar 101835 course of my life, I was a dancer, practiced as a midwife, owned a few businesses, and worked as a women’s health counselor. Although I appreciated these many opportunities and some of them were quite rewarding none of them ever hitrepparttar 101836 mark.

Left with a nagging feeling of dissatisfaction, there HAD to be something more to life. I kept looking for that one perfect opportunity,repparttar 101837 reason for my being, andrepparttar 101838 fulfillment of my purpose! Just likerepparttar 101839 predictability ofrepparttar 101840 seasons I kept asking myself, “Who am I and why am I here?” I was convinced that what I DID defined who I was and I discovered I wasn’t alone in this assumption.

If you ask a hundred people how they would define purpose they often respond by saying, purpose is what we are meant to “do” while we’re here on earth; it’s how we make a difference inrepparttar 101841 world utilizing our gifts and talents. This conventional perspective relies onrepparttar 101842 ability to somehow know or stumble across that magic thing that is your destiny to fulfill. No wonder many people go through life wondering what their purpose is and not feeling satisfied.

I began to look at purpose from a new and exciting perspective. Instead of purpose being my “doing-ness” in life, my purpose is my “being-ness”.

Your life purpose isrepparttar 101843 context or vessel that HOLDS your life suggests Dr. W. Bradford Swift, founder ofrepparttar 101844 Life On Purpose Institute and author of “Travelingrepparttar 101845 Purpose Path”. Imagine a beautiful jeweled goblet as your life purpose andrepparttar 101846 glorious wine within it your life. Can you see how your life purpose can shape your whole life as well as give it form and direction? Your life purpose, that beautiful vessel is a combination of three things: who you are atrepparttar 101847 very core, your vision for yourself and what you see possible forrepparttar 101848 world and your values. When I began to answer my own question, “who am I and why am I here” from this perspective a whole new world of fresh possibility opened up for me.

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