Breaking Out of The Bubble

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

On-line business is fantastic, I mean when you think about how easy it is to start an eBusiness and how inexpensive it is to get rolling, it isn't surprising to see so many people doing it.

There are some hurdles but if you are open to learning and applying what you read, then of course some of those hurdles won't have such a heavy effect on your business.

The other hurdle of course is getting so wrapped up with what is going on, on-line, that you forget that there is another world besides on-line to consider.

Taking time and working your off-line market does a great many things for you.

Things, like:

1. discovering new markets that can drive your on-line sales in a huge way. Placing ads in your local newspapers and in community newsletters is a great way to gain exposure and hits to your web site. Hits from people who might not necessarily know that you existed otherwise.

2. finding and building alliances with off-line business owners is another way to leverage your marketing efforts. You could find an off-line business owner who compliments your products and services and co-author a newsletter together. You both promoterepparttar newsletter and market to each other's client base.

3. being able to connect with other (real time) business owners through networking. Let's face it we work in a little office all day with little to no real time contact with people. Getting out to network will get us intorepparttar 144156 swing of using off-line marketing tactics. Not only that, it is great to be a part of a group of like minded people who want to share experiences. There is a lot we can learn and apply from that!!

Niches - The Path to More Profits

Written by Denise Ryder, Marketing Coach

Hey, as business owners we CAN'T be all things for all customers. I mean it would be fantastic if we could, however, you just can't meetrepparttar needs and wants of everyone, you would run yourself ragged trying :o(

BUT ... that doesn't mean you throw your hands up in dispair and give up ;o) Stick with me for a few minutes and we'll go over a few ideas that come to mind and see if they get your creative juices flowing.

Firstly, whatrepparttar 144155 heck is a "Niche" anyway?? I mean I am sure you have seenrepparttar 144156 word flying aroundrepparttar 144157 Internet and a lot more lately. You've seen newsletter articles and email letters from some ofrepparttar 144158 top guru's now sprouting "Niche" asrepparttar 144159 new "catch" word ofrepparttar 144160 time.

The term is NOT NEW. Basically a "niche" is finding a specific target market and catering to their specific wants and needs.

Ummm let me give you an example...

As a marketing coach/consultant my business is providing a service "marketing" to businesses. Now obviouslyrepparttar 144161 business arena is too general so what I want to do is break it down into bite size sectors or smaller target markets. I may want to deal specifically torepparttar 144162 needs and wants of Dental Offices and decide to specialize in Dental Office Marketing. I could take onrepparttar 144163 legal sector and specialize in marketing legal practices.

Get where I am going here??

I can't be all things to all businesses out there, so I breakrepparttar 144164 business sector down into target markets andrepparttar 144165 findrepparttar 144166 ones that I want to specialize in and cater to that group specifically.

Now, you may be thinking ok, that's good for you being a marketing coach, but I am an affiliate for a does "niche marketing" affect me?

Glad you asked ;o)

When people first come online withrepparttar 144167 desire to start some sort of eBusiness they typically go intorepparttar 144168 "emarketing" niche and promote products/services with a marketing theme. It makes sense from a marketing point of view, you go where there is demand.

However, with demand also comes competition andrepparttar 144169 "online marketing" arena is saturated and highly competitive.

So...what do you do?

Well, what you need to do is sit and think of markets outside ofrepparttar 144170 "online marketing" arena which could also use your products/ services and target your messages specifically to them.

Umm I feel an example coming on here...ah ok, here is one for you.

Lets say you are an affiliate for an autoresponder service. Excellent service because you know that anyone who starts a business online needs an autoresponder. While that is great, what isn't so hot isrepparttar 144171 fact that you are notrepparttar 144172 only autoresponder service in cyber-land and they too are targetingrepparttar 144173 same niche you are.

But...the difference between you and them is this article ;o)

See, we all go forrepparttar 144174 obvious niche or target market when we sign onto an affiliate program. We go afterrepparttar 144175 others just like us and market to them. What we fail to do is findrepparttar 144176 OTHER niches or target markets out there that haven't heard of an autoresponder and have no idea what it is let alone how much time we can save them.

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