Breaking News....Cognigen Is Now In The Travel Business

Written by Michael Lemm

This one is somewhat of a surprise......

Cognigen Travel officially launched June 15, and is ready to be marketed by their 150,000+ independant sales agents.

The full service travel site follows Cognigen's successful 15+year old Telecommunications model...offering multiple choices from multiple vendors to customers while including unusually competitive low rates and outstanding customer service.

The Cognigen Travel Center includes airline flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, cruises, and special event tickets. There's also a monthly Leisure Newsletter to stay connected with current and prospective customers and attract even more sales.

Put Your Recruiting on Auto Pilot

Written by Chris Ellington

Getting people to join your company can be hard work. Whether you are looking to hire staff or to build a downline for your network marketing business, attractingrepparttar right people is key to your success.

Obviously you want productive go-getters who are going to make a contribution torepparttar 146046 bottom line, not just warm bodies to clog your cycles and waste your time. But how do you findrepparttar 146047 right people?

Take a cue fromrepparttar 146048 marketing folks. Become a magnet for interested, qualified "prospects" who eagerly want to become a part of your team. Use an established technique that draws new customers as a model for attracting downline participants and employees to your company.

What is this technique? It’s called “article marketing” and it is one ofrepparttar 146049 most effective methods of catchingrepparttar 146050 attention of large groups of people. It works like this: You write a simple article that is interesting torepparttar 146051 kind of people you want to attract. They could be salespeople, independent business owners, MLM participants – whoever you think would makerepparttar 146052 perfect addition to your team.

You don’t have to write "The Great American Novel". All you need is about 500 words onrepparttar 146053 topic of your choice. Then submit that article all overrepparttar 146054 web to ezine publishers, newsletter editors and content laden websites. When they publish your article (and they almost always do) your perfect candidates read your words, and see you as an expert inrepparttar 146055 subject (after all, you’re a published author!) and they click on a link to your website that you conveniently provided atrepparttar 146056 end ofrepparttar 146057 article. Viola! You have tons of interested, qualified people you can add to your downline.

Keep in mind, that your article remains out there for people to find for weeks, months, even years. As new people happen across your article, they clickrepparttar 146058 link and visit your site. You have a perpetual recruiting machine, drawing tons of pre-qualified, interested potential recruits to your site. This is better than advertising, and far less expensive.

The process works. The problem is that you have to go throughrepparttar 146059 effort of submitting your articles to enough sites that you really make a splash. Most business owners submit their articles to 9 or 10 places before getting burned out onrepparttar 146060 tedious submission process. I can’t think of anything more dull thanrepparttar 146061 sheer drudgery of article submission.

Fortunately, you can avoid that drudgery, get your articles to more editors, get them there faster - which gets you recruits sooner - by taking advantage of one ofrepparttar 146062 following three methods:

1) Hire a Virtual Assistant to dorepparttar 146063 work for you. Cost $400.00 2) Buy and install article submission software. Cost: $69.00 3) Use a free web service. Cost: $0

Here arerepparttar 146064 good and bad points of each one.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to dorepparttar 146065 work for you: Cost $400.00 ( I think Virtual Assistants are terrific. Typing, proofreading, sending invoices - they do clerical work for an hourly fee. This particular Virtual Assistant specializes in being your "publication coordinator". She does everything by hand, submitting your articles one by one to various places aroundrepparttar 146066 net. She’ll also do light proofreading of your article.

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