Break Up Your Day And Become More Productive!

Written by Tim Webb

Often, in todayís fast paced world, we forget to take a break during our working day. We simply figure we will get much more done if we eat onrepparttar run, have less or no breaks, and work more hours.

The real truth, though, is that this is counter productive and ruinsrepparttar 138097 health of those trying to cram more into their day. Quality of work deteriorates and often people succumb to illness due to lack of focused physical activity and poor diet normally brought on by consumption of convenience food.

I regularly hearrepparttar 138098 same old argument as to why these people cannot become more physically active. Lack of time! They say forty-five minutes in a gym is not possible or practical. While, inrepparttar 138099 long term, what they require is a life style change if they want to enjoy good health as they get older, inrepparttar 138100 short term such people need instantly accessible methods to de-stress and do some good for themselves physically.

If they can do just five minutes twice a day initially it is a start. Perhaps once they experiencerepparttar 138101 benefits of such short sessions they may well be encouraged to integrate more physical activity into their lives.

6 Secrets to Happiness

Written by Lynne Kaska

6 Secrets to Happiness By: Lynne E Kaska

Have you ever thought that you could have more, be more and do more? Have you ever wondered what it would take to really have a successful life? What if you could haverepparttar life of your dreams?

Happiness is just within your reach. Itís just onrepparttar 138078 other side ofrepparttar 138079 gnawing fear. Itís just onrepparttar 138080 other side of that self-defeating game that you keep on playing. The question is how do we get ďthereĒ from ďhere.Ē The question is what do you have to do?

The first secret to happiness that I have found is in identifying what makes you truly happy. Itís a difficult task to do especially if you really do this from your heart, not what your head tells you. I discovered when I went through this process thatrepparttar 138081 things that I want are not like what anyone else wants for me. I had to discover what I want and let go of old ideas and pleasing other people. For me, happiness means that I walk downrepparttar 138082 sidewalk with my head held high because I know that I am right with God or a Higher Being. Happiness means that Iím not held back by allrepparttar 138083 garbage in my past. Happiness is feeling like I have a purpose and living my life with passion and vibrancy.

What is it that you really want in life? Do you want a stronger relationship with your spouse/partner? Do you want a more fulfilling career? Do you want to be able to sleep at night without any chatter in your head? Is your true desire to just want to get out of bed inrepparttar 138084 morning and embracerepparttar 138085 day for what it is? Do you want to have a strong faith and put aside all fear and live life torepparttar 138086 fullest?

Well, if you fall into any of these categories, then I encourage you to keep reading. We all want to be happy. But what separatesrepparttar 138087 men fromrepparttar 138088 boys andrepparttar 138089 women fromrepparttar 138090 girls isrepparttar 138091 willingness to dorepparttar 138092 work. In my own experience, I found that when I get into enough pain, Iím willing to go to any length to quit feelingrepparttar 138093 way I was feeling. Are you willing to go on a journey? Are you willing to trust a process that is rewarding?

The next step to achieving happiness is to identify what is not working in your life. I have found that there are several self-defeating games that I play, playingrepparttar 138094 victim, get them before they get me, being a problem, using drugs/alcohol/food, not showing up, and lying. Which of these games do you use and how? Write a paragraph on three times that youíve used a self-defeating game. Write about how it worked for you, what it cost you, etcÖ.

Another key step to creating a life of happiness isrepparttar 138095 power of choice. So many times in my life, I didnít think that I had a choice, but I really did. Particularly abuse survivors think that they donít have a choice in their situation. They are controlled by fear, butrepparttar 138096 truth is that if they were willing to step outside of their comfort zone and what seems normal to them, there are ways that they can get out of their situation. As a survivor myself, I had to learn that even thoughrepparttar 138097 things that happened to me were not my fault, I did however continue to place myself in a position to be harmed. And I did makerepparttar 138098 choice to stay inrepparttar 138099 situation however painful it was for me. There are hundreds of agencies out there today that are designed specifically for women in these situations. Making healthy choices for ourselves gives us an amazing feeling of empowerment. It is something that is indescribable.

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