Brand Young and You Brand for Life; Why Cinema Advertising is an Effective Tools for Marketers

Written by Louis Victor

Inrepparttar world of advertising there are many forms of media that can be utilized to get an advertisers message to its intended audience. Newspapers, television, radio, Internet and billboards are effective tools in this effort but one form of advertising that is often overlooked is Cinema Advertising.

Most people see cinema advertising asrepparttar 140145 little slide that is shown right beforerepparttar 140146 movie starts, but itís much more than that. Cinema advertising does offer slide advertising, but it also offers something that is called rolling stock that is similar to a television commercial. Some theatres offer dynamic digital advertising opportunities in place of slide advertising while others offer advertising opportunities on large LCD screens inrepparttar 140147 theatre lobbies.

They offer advertisers an opportunity to present their message to a captive and receptive audience in a family oriented environment. Hollywood spends billions of dollars each year promoting their movies and these massive marketing campaigns lure hundreds of millions of people torepparttar 140148 movie theatres every year. Itís an audience of brand conscious teens, tweens and young adults with high disposable income and active lifestyles that makes this medium very attractive to a marketer.

Some toy manufacturers and beverage companies are aware of this and have taken full advantage ofrepparttar 140149 opportunity. Other industries have followed suit, as they are starting to adhere torepparttar 140150 title of this article, ďBrand Young and You Brand for LifeĒ.


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