Brainstorm: The Essential First Step to Website Development

Written by Kenneth Elliott

Brainstorming could be one ofrepparttar most important steps when starting a website. Brainstorming gives yourepparttar 149501 focus on what content that you want to relate to your audience. It gives you ideas of what topics will interest you. As well as, it gives your mindrepparttar 149502 chance to dream. So, get a pencil and let’s get started!

Sit down and ask yourselfrepparttar 149503 following questions: First and foremost, “What interests me?”, “What drives your interests…Is it swimming? “. Now for example if your interest is swimming, you need to askrepparttar 149504 question “What is it about swimming that interests me?”. Is it accomplishing a certain amount of laps a day? That is just one example here are some others: Is your interest fishing? What kind of fish do you catch? What lures do you use? Is it traveling? What wasrepparttar 149505 most exotic location you ever visited? What did you do while their? What sites did you see?

You see you need to take time to jot down allrepparttar 149506 things that interest you. Allow your mind to be free flowing during this exercise. Do not limit yourself in any manner. Also do not erase any ideas, this is just brainstorming. Which means you cannot be wrong. This is important because this one list could drive your whole career in affiliate marketing. I still maintain my original list and I update it regularly. I keep my notebook by my side at all times, because you never know when something will give you that inspiration that could make you thousands of dollars one day.

If You Can Dream it You Can Achieve It

Written by Kenneth Elliott

If you can dream it you can achieve it. Yes, I had a dream. Since I was 12 yrs old I had a dream of having my own business that I could be proud of. It took me plenty of years to achieve my dream but it has finally come true. Affiliate marketing has brought a dream to reality. Starting out with nothing you can achieve a lot with affiliate marketing. With 10 dollars and a dream you can accomplish genius, love, joy and a following. But were to start? I found my start withrepparttar Affiliate Marketing Handbook. It showed me how to research keywords. It showed me how to structure my website. It showed me how to accompany Google Adwords into a money making success. I Love this

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