Brainpower For The Overwhelmed

Written by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Walk intorepparttar room and canít find your keys? Or forget why you enteredrepparttar 131304 room inrepparttar 131305 first place? Wondering what has happened to your short-term memory? Feel overwhelmed by information, people, to-do lists and demands on your time?

You very well could be suffering from SADD-situational attention deficit disorder, a term coined by Anderson Consulting Institute for Strategic Change. Specifically, most of us are now in situations in which we are bombarded by so many demands for our attention that our brains close down.

Itís a phenomenon of our time. Our brains, evolved over eons to respond to our environment and each other are exponentially being taxed byrepparttar 131306 growth in information and technology. Everyone and everything is vying for attention. We are hardwired to respond but when itís deluged like that,repparttar 131307 brain just ďgoes blindĒ. Engineers discovered this phenomenon when they installed hundreds of communication devices in cockpits, thinking it would improverepparttar 131308 pilotís performance. Instead, whenrepparttar 131309 pilotís performance decreased.

Information and technology will no go away. But there are ways to turn from ďSAADĒ to glad.

1. Determine your priorities and focus on them.

Donít let yourself be pulled into anything from meetings, to readings, to conversations that thwart your priorities. Literally block out space on your daily to-do list for things that are important to you: from projects, to exercise, to family time. Hold these times as sacred.

Whose Thought is it Anyway?

Written by Helaine Iris

Winter is finally yielding to spring inrepparttar New England town I live in. I woke up this morning excited to go outside for a walk to feelrepparttar 131301 warming air and sunshine on my face. As I walked briskly throughout my neighborhood I was grateful for my life and all my blessings.

As I was breathing in all those good feelings I became aware of some not so nice thoughts that began nudging me for attention. Thoughts like, youíll never make it as a coach, youíre not good enough, donít let down your guard, youíll wind up alone. The thoughts began to get louder, and pester me like a child wanting candy inrepparttar 131302 grocery store check out line. My good feeling was quickly being drowned out. Where did these thoughts come from to threaten my great day?

Our lives and experiences are always being shaped by something. When we are growing up we are influenced by our surroundings, our family, culture etc. and we absorb and make part of us what we hear and experience both positive and negative. We go on and live our lives with these subtle, and sometimes not so subtle messages running inrepparttar 131303 background.

Many of us live our whole lives listening torepparttar 131304 messages withrepparttar 131305 loudest and most persistent voices, and often these voices can berepparttar 131306 ones that represent fear and limitation.

Iíd like to share a story from my own life to show how we live with thoughts and pain from outside ourselves.

Early on my path of self-discovery I was curious about Native American ceremonies. I was seeking experiences to deepen my spirituality and connection torepparttar 131307 earth. I was also looking for ways to reclaim my wholeness and resolve some ofrepparttar 131308 fear that I had learned to live with. I became interested inrepparttar 131309 sweat lodge ceremony because it offersrepparttar 131310 opportunity for purification and a chance to face some core fears and issues. It also symbolizesrepparttar 131311 safety and nurturing womb of mother earth.

I accepted an invitation to participate in my first sweat lodge ceremony with a Cherokee elder. I shared that auspicious day with 8 other women. We spentrepparttar 131312 day preparing for what was to be a rather intense experience.

When it was time to enterrepparttar 131313 lodge, I followed tradition and removed my clothes. I crawled on my hands and knees in to this very small, structure made of bent tree limbs covered with tarps and blankets. Once insiderepparttar 131314 dark, musty lodge, sitting onrepparttar 131315 bare, cold ground shoulder-to-shoulder withrepparttar 131316 other women I began to feel a bit claustrophobic and nervous.

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