Bra Sizes and Bra Types - Finding the Right Fit!

Written by Reno Charlton

Unlike years gone by, there is now a vast array of bra sizes and styles available to suit every taste and every figure. This is great news for those amongst us that are petite or larger than average. It is also great news for those that like to combinerepparttar practical benefits of a good bra with style, comfort and a dash of sexiness.

Getting a Good Fit

It is important that in order to getrepparttar 145765 most out of your bra you are fully aware of your correct bra size. This will not only improve posture and comfort, it will also ensure that your clothes are a much better fit. There's nothing quite as embarrassing as going out to a function with your breasts bulging fromrepparttar 145766 sides of your under-sized bra - except, perhaps, going to a function and having your breasts fall out of an oversize bra!

Before you purchase a bra, you should always check your bra size. If you think you may have lost weight or put weight on since you last bought a bra, don't assume you will still be able to get in torepparttar 145767 same size bra - measure up again!

The best way to check what bra size you need is to stand straight and wrap a tape measure aroundrepparttar 145768 ribcage, underrepparttar 145769 bust. Pull it so that it is firm but not tight. This will give yourepparttar 145770 size of your required band. To checkrepparttar 145771 cup size you need, wraprepparttar 145772 measure aroundrepparttar 145773 fullest part ofrepparttar 145774 bust, and again pull until firm but not restrictively tight.

Whateverrepparttar 145775 inch size aroundrepparttar 145776 ribcage, you should add five to it (and round it up torepparttar 145777 next even number if adding five gives you an odd number). This will give your band size. Then calculaterepparttar 145778 difference betweenrepparttar 145779 band size andrepparttar 145780 cup measurement to get your cup size. Ifrepparttar 145781 measurement you get when you measure for your cup size isrepparttar 145782 same as that of your band size once you have added five, your cup size will be A.

  • Up to one inch difference is cup size B
  • Up to two inches is cup size C
  • Up to three inches is cup size D
  • Up to four inches is cup size DD
  • Up to five inches is cup size E
  • Up to six inches is cup size F
  • Up to eight inches is cup size G

The Perfect Fitting Bra Should:

  • Containrepparttar 145783 whole breast in each cup with no bulging or spillage
  • Containrepparttar 145784 whole breast in each cup without excess space inrepparttar 145785 front part ofrepparttar 145786 cups
  • Should rest levelly againstrepparttar 145787 ribcage, with adequate room to slip two fingers in atrepparttar 145788 back
  • Should support your breasts totally, and remain in place even ifrepparttar 145789 straps are slipped offrepparttar 145790 shoulders

Bra Types

There are now bras available for every occasion, from weddings and special occasions to pregnancy and sports. Whatever you are looking for in a bra, you are certain to find something that suit perfectly. So, whether you want to enjoy an innocent game of badminton or a naughty night of seduction, you can get justrepparttar 145791 bra for your needs.

Trends in Modern Bra Wear

Written by Antigone Arthur

Learn Whererepparttar Brassier Got It's Start and Why It's So Popular Even Today

History ofrepparttar 145764 Bra

The history ofrepparttar 145765 bra is extensive. Almost sincerepparttar 145766 dawn of time women have worn bra's either to enhance or minimize their figure. Bust-lines have been increased and decreased, rounded and stretched and even spread out throughout time following society's trends and fashions.

Bra's have been worn by womenrepparttar 145767 world over since 2000 BC, whenrepparttar 145768 first corset, created of leather was worn to support and outlinerepparttar 145769 breasts. The ancient Greeks wore a type of bra that pushedrepparttar 145770 breasts upwards but leftrepparttar 145771 breast itself naked.

Duringrepparttar 145772 13th century,repparttar 145773 practice of minimizingrepparttar 145774 breasts became very popular. Women often wore short bodices that flattened rather than enhanced a woman's bodice. This changed however duringrepparttar 145775 15th century when a women's chest becamerepparttar 145776 focal point of her garments... it was popular forrepparttar 145777 upper portion ofrepparttar 145778 breast to be pushed aboverepparttar 145779 garments worn by a woman in order to giverepparttar 145780 appearance of full cleavage and a rounded bodice.

Trends in Modern Bra Wear

Bras are in. Today bras can be fashioned to meet any persons unique style and comfort preferences. In recent years plus and full size bras have becomerepparttar 145781 norm, as more and more women turn to plastic surgery to enhance their bust line. In some cities it isn't uncommon to see women who might be categorized as DD's, EE's and even FF's thanks to modern technology.

Fortunately, there is a bra available to fit almost any woman anywhere. There are even bras that are fashioned as "outer wear". Celebrities are amongrepparttar 145782 more common members of society to tout such bold and daring styles.

Forrepparttar 145783 bold but slightly less daring, sheer and see through bras are a great option. Bras, whether made with or without under wires, are made from silk, cotton, Lycra, spandex and even flannel.

Style has as much to do with what's available and "hot" as what a woman finds comfortable and supportive.

The first formal "bras" were patented inrepparttar 145784 US inrepparttar 145785 mid 1800s, as tortuous corsets began to fall out of style with more comfort seeking women.

Different Bra Types

Many different bra types have been created sincerepparttar 145786 early days of it's existence. No longer do women have to struggle to fit their upper body and chest into contraptions made of whalebone and steel (the common materials used to fashion early corsets). Rather, today's traditional bras are made of a variety of luxurious fabrics, meant to support, uplift, enhance and show off a woman's breasts (though you can still find some that minimize, which for many women is a bonus).

See through and sheer bras, specialty bras, nursing and maternity bras, sports bras and even strapless and backless bras are allrepparttar 145787 rage in modern times. There is a bra available to fit any bust size and any individual style preference available. You can even have a bra custom made if you like. Thoughrepparttar 145788 corset is not completely banned from existence, new designs make wearingrepparttar 145789 contraption or similar ones much more feasible, and women no longer have to suffer pain and discomfort from wearing them.

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