Border Collie Complete Profile

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Key Facts:

Size: Small - medium Height: 46 - 53 cm (18 - 21 inches) Weight: 16 - 22 kg (35 - 48 lb) Life Span: 15 years Grooming: Medium Exercise: Demanding Feeding: Medium Temperament: Very alert & trainable Country of Origin: England AKC Group: Herding

Temperament: The Border Collie is alert, keen, intelligent, faithful, hard-working and responsive. Border Collies have remarkable stamina and thrive on activity and working situations, rather than a domestic household environment. They are able to adapt to family life, so long as their need for company and exercise is met. Border Collies demands exercise for their muscles just as much as for their brain. Border Collies are very trainable and get on well with children if socialized from puppyhood. They make great watchdogs and are wary of strangers.

Grooming: Weekly brushing is enough to keeprepparttar coat of a Border Collie looking healthy.

Exercise: Physical exercise is not enough for this breed. Border Collies need to work, doing various tasks. Border Collies are represented amongrepparttar 147984 top, in competitive sports such as agility, obedience and sheep dog trials. An idle dog will become very badly behaved and even aggressive.

History: Duringrepparttar 147985 16th century, aroundrepparttar 147986 border countries of England, Scotland and Wales, farmers concentrated on developing a top class sheep worker with a natural instinct for keeping their charges together. They succeeded and produced an all round dog excelling in stamina, brains and sensitivity to every gesture made by their master. The Border Collie was once known asrepparttar 147987 English Shepherd and evolved from smooth coated collies, a longer coated black/white collie andrepparttar 147988 Bearded Collie. The word 'collie' is believed to be a corruption ofrepparttar 147989 words 'colley' or 'coalie' meaning a black faced sheep.

Bloodhound Complete Profile

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Key Facts:

Size: Massive Height: 58 - 66 cm (23 - 26 inches) Weight: 36 - 41 kg (80 - 90 lb) Life Span: 12 years Grooming: Easy but extensive Exercise: Considerable Feeding: Demanding Temperament: Gentle, but requires understanding Country of Origin: Belgium AKC Group: Hound Other Names: St. Hubert Hound, Chien St. Hubert

Temperament: The Bloodhound is lovable, kind, patient and good-natured. Bloodhounds are usually affectionate, but can be sensitive and reserved. They are very gentle dogs and are eager to please their owners. Harsh training is unsuitable with Bloodhounds, due to their sensitive nature and it is best to use gentle persuasive training. Some of these dogs will happily accept visitors and unwanted strangers, while others will be quite protective over who enters their home. Bloodhounds enjoy interacting with children, but it is important that they are not pestered or hurt as Bloodhounds will sit there and take it, which unfair onrepparttar dog.

Grooming: Little grooming is required with Bloodhounds and brushing from time to time is adequate. It is important to checkrepparttar 147983 ears for dirt to prevent infections and it may be necessary to wash them if they get dropped inrepparttar 147984 food bowl, for example.

Exercise: Bloodhounds have great stamina and can walk for hours on end, so regular exercise is a must. They are tracking dogs, so when they find an interesting scent they will want to follow it, therefore, they should be on a lead when being walked and kept in a fenced-off backyard.

Feeding: It is usually recommended that you feed bloodhounds small meals several times a day and do not take them out for walks on a full stomach. This breed eats a lot and is very greedy.

History: Bloodhounds originated fromrepparttar 147985 Asian mastiff family and it's believed that this breed arrived in France withrepparttar 147986 Romans. Inrepparttar 147987 8th century,repparttar 147988 monk St. Hubert established an excellent pack and for many centuries, Bloodhounds were known as St. Hubert Hounds. About 4 centuries later, it is presumed that they were taken to Britain. Bloodhounds have such an acute scenting ability, that no other breed can match them. They have been known to follow trails over 100 hours old. Earningrepparttar 147989 title as Bloodhound, it is no wonder that they became invaluable torepparttar 147990 police for their scenting abilities. Bloodhounds are renowned for their gentleness and for showing no aggression torepparttar 147991 victim, when successful on a scent mission.

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