Boost your selling power with your call-to-action phrases

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

Look at your marketing material. Now, is there something missing? If you’re missing a phrase or paragraph requesting your customer’s business, your copy is lacking an essential component. You can’t assume that your customers will know why they should act, how they should, or when they should act.

Still unsure of what “call-to-action” is. Look at late night infomercials. Notice how they emphasize callingrepparttar toll-free number with your check and/or credit card number handy. How they say if you call now, you’ll receive a free gift with your purchase, but only if you call withinrepparttar 108070 next few minutes.

There’s a reason why most infomercials follow this formula – it works of course. It’ll also work for you, whether you’re including it in your web copy or a print ad.

A call-to-action can be as simple as saying “order today” or as elaborate detailing a seven-step process. A good call-to-action ties in withrepparttar 108071 goal of your copy. If you’re goal is to sell, don’t ask them to call you for more information, ask them to purchase your product today.

Other essentials elements include:

•Tell your customers when and how to contact you. Can they call? E-mail? Fax? •Explain why they should buy. More money? Easier life? Pride? •Instill a sense of immediacy. Since most customers will likely forget if they wait,repparttar 108072 sooner you can get them to respond,repparttar 108073 better. What’ll happen if they purchase today? Will they get a free gift? Will they receiverepparttar 108074 product immediately? Will they save time and money?

Costly Web Copy Pitfalls

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

One secret to a site that sells: Look at your site from your customer’s perspective. Another secret: Watch out for these common web copy pitfalls.

Welcome to…nothing Look at your site’s web copy. Does it begin with “Welcome to…?” If so, get rid of it. It means nothing. It doesn’t speak to your customers. It’s just a waste of your customers’ time and space. Rather thanrepparttar worn out phrase, “Welcome to…” try a statement that capturesrepparttar 108069 essence of your company, explaining it in terms that’ll benefit your customers. Instead of “Welcome to Crazy Dave’s CD Emporium,” try “Crazy Dave’s CD Emporium, where you can find quality CDs and crazy prices.”

Where do I go? If you track your site’s metrics, look at your customers’ paths. How many customers get pastrepparttar 108070 home page? If it’s less than desired, there might be a problem with your site’s navigation. If you’re one of those people with mega-content sites, add an internal search to help your customers find there way. If you’re a smaller site, add navigation bars that update automatically when your site’s structures changes or evolves.

“It’s all about me.” Your site is supposed to be about your customers not you. Let’s face it: Your customers don’t care about your Nobel Prize or that you wererepparttar 108071 first person to sell a condominium on Jupiter, they do care, however, about how your expertise can help them.

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