Boost Your Affiliate Commissions With Free E-mail Courses

Written by Ken Hill

One ofrepparttar most powerful ways to promote your affiliate programs is to make your own free e-mail courses.

Providing a free e-mail course on your site enables you to successfully follow up with your visitors, gain trust and credibility with your readers, and can substantially increase your profit promoting affiliate programs.

Your free e-mail course will give you a new and unique promotional item that you can use to continuously promote your affiliate programs without any extra work on your part.

To help you create your own profitable e-mail courses that will increase your commissions, I've listedrepparttar 102500 following tips and techniques:

1. Begin your course with an introduction that tells your readers what your course will cover and highlightsrepparttar 102501 benefits your readers will get for taking your course.

2. Choose an autoresponder that lets you personalize your e-mail course with your readers' name.

This will allow you to easily draw your readers' attention torepparttar 102502 parts of your course you want them to focus on.

3. Use information that is already available to you for your course's content.

Many affiliate programs will provide you with articles that you can publish in your e-zine or on your website, and these articles can be used to form different parts of your course or even your whole course.

4. When using another person's article or articles as content for your course, introduce that writer to your readers by telling them who that person is, why that person is an expert at what they are talking about (i.e., they arerepparttar 102503 author ofrepparttar 102504 award winning manual...) and recommend their product or service with a link to your affiliate URL.

5. If you already write articles, you can use your own articles to formrepparttar 102505 basis of your course, and turn your articles into another powerful marketing tool.

One major advantage to using your own articles as content for your course is that you will be able to establish *yourself* asrepparttar 102506 expert at what your course deals with which will build even more trust and credibility between you and your readers.


Written by Dawn Jenness

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