Booming Real Estate Profits From Baby Boomer Investing

Written by Chris Anderson, PhD

In last week's article, called "Irrational Exuberance, Part II?," I discussed some of our concerns about what is happening inrepparttar preconstruction investment real estate market. What many people have asked me is "if you're so concerned aboutrepparttar 149936 real estate market, then why invest so much with yourself and withrepparttar 149937 preconstruction MasterMind Group?" The answer to this is really quite simple: we find preconstruction projects that make complete sense EVEN WITHrepparttar 149938 current market conditions. Many people think aboutrepparttar 149939 markets as one big entity and you either decide you are in or out. In preconstruction real estate, this is dead opposite of how we think. Instead, we look for preconstruction investment opportunities that make complete sense in this market and then, if we are wrong, we look (in advance) for ways to exit with our skin still attached. In this week's article, let's explore such a scenario. If you have been on one of our teleseminars, you have probably heard me speak aboutrepparttar 149940 "Baby Boomers" andrepparttar 149941 impact that they are EXPECTED to have inrepparttar 149942 southeast andrepparttar 149943 southwest. Without getting overly technical, here isrepparttar 149944 short story: "We have an incredibly large % of our population moving towards retirement age overrepparttar 149945 next 15 years; "A large % of these people have no intent on staying in their current locale; "Even though many boomers are ill prepared for retirement, there is still a significant % of people with tremendous wealth; "These people want to live in places with good "lifestyles. With that body of knowledge above, you can make great preconstruction investments however most people want to overly complicate things. So let's look at a typical conversation after someone has been exposed to baby boomer investing. Q: How do I make a good preconstruction investment with minimal risk? A: Well, from above, it really is pretty simple. Find a place thatrepparttar 149946 boomers want to live, then buy, and wait. Q: But what ifrepparttar 149947 price drops because of allrepparttar 149948 investing going on right now? A: If you believe you truly have a place that boomers want, ignore it and ride it out. With that many boomers (demand) looking for so few properties (supply) in a few years, you will likely do just fine. Q: So when will I see a good return on my preconstruction investment? A: I don't know. Maybe this year, maybe 10 years depending on what you buy, market conditions, etc. Fromrepparttar 149949 baby boomer investing mentality, we just know that there is a large PROBABILITY that somebody is going to want that property badly within a 15 year window. Q: But I don't want to wait that long. How can I get in and out in a couple of years or less? A: Well this is a horse of a different color. So not only do you want to invest inrepparttar 149950 boomers but you want to time when they are coming. That is a little harder but still doable. Now what you are saying is that I buy now and once I buy, for some reason a lot of boomers start jumping atrepparttar 149951 chance to buy in. The only way I know this can happen is if for some reason, there is a lot of people suddenly going to become aware of your property. In this case, you are strongly relying on somebody's marketing to bring "eyeballs" to your preconstruction investment. Q: Is there risk in this type of shorter investment? A: Of course. You could buy in, andrepparttar 149952 lending rules change, or suddenly we start seeing horror stories in other regions about people losing money in real estate, and then on a short term basis, your preconstruction investment may decrease in value. As they like to say on Wall Street, that is not a loss until you sell. If you truly believe inrepparttar 149953 longer term, then your decision might be to exit quickly or just wait untilrepparttar 149954 boomers start looking where they are going to live. To me, it is very comforting that I know that I have that backup plan.

How Can Your Credit History Affect Your Life?

Written by Ken Austin

Your credit history is an important aspect of your life. Maintaining your credit rating is very important to your future and to your lifestyle. A poor credit history can mean denial of credit, high interest rates, and could possibly affect your ability to get a new job or apartment. If you are unsure of your credit score or credit history in general, it is a good idea to find outrepparttar contents of your credit report and to monitor any changes in your credit report carefully. You credit history affects your quality of life. Make sure you understand what is in your credit report and take steps to correct any inaccurate information it may contain.

Being denied credit is an unpleasant experience. Not realizing in advance what your credit history is can be even worse. Your ability to obtain credit cards, get

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