Bookies dirty tricks exposed

Written by winder liao

One big advantages a bookies has over a players is they knowrepparttar average players have limited knowledge in odds,probability and gambling.I call themrepparttar 144417 experts inrepparttar 144418 soccerbetting industry.Their betting experience is much better thanrepparttar 144419 average punters inrepparttar 144420 market.They knew howrepparttar 144421 general market conceivesrepparttar 144422 money lines and how to tweakrepparttar 144423 line to their advantages.Their initial capital is also much higher thanrepparttar 144424 average punters.

They do however has cons that is they are exposed torepparttar 144425 pros who shares their profit and another cons is they have to set aside about 20%-30% of their profits to bad debts.These bad debts are incurred by punters who bets big and lose thus unable to pay up their wager.

So does a bookies makes much money byrepparttar 144426 vigourish /or water money alone.The answer is no unless their daily transcations are of large volumes.So where didrepparttar 144427 rest ofrepparttar 144428 income comes from? They bet againstrepparttar 144429 punters.They knew their customers well understanding their betting behaviour and analyse their punters.For instance which are their favourite team?Is he a dog players or a favourite players?

Why is it neccessary to do all this analysis?This is to helpsrepparttar 144430 bookies to shaderepparttar 144431 moneyline accordingly inorder to maximise their total profit.For example

What is the true winning percentage of a proffesional soccerpunter

Written by winder leow

Many people believe professional-level sports bettors win at least 60% of their bets. It's understandable that people think that, but it's just not true. The fact is,repparttar difference betweenrepparttar 144416 percentage of bets won by successful sports bettors andrepparttar 144417 percentage of bets won by losers is relatively very small.

Anyone can expect to win 50 percent. After all,repparttar 144418 only thing required is to flip a coin and pick a side. The bookmakers' profit comes fromrepparttar 144419 difference between what a bettor must risk and what a bettor expects to win. Every time a player wins,repparttar 144420 bookmaker withholds slightly more than 9 percent ofrepparttar 144421 winnings ($1 for every $11 risked). Consequently, a bettor winning only half his bets will ultimately go broke.

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