Book Yourself Solid Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients

Written by Michael Port

Copyright 2005 Michael Port & Associates LLC

The Book Yourself Solid article series continues with

Key Number 2: Choose Your Ideal Clients Your clients are an expression and an extension of you. When I first started out on my own, I would work with anyone who had a heartbeat and a credit card. Now I live byrepparttar red velvet rope policy of ideal clients. By defining my ideal clients increased my productivity… happiness… and I got more perfect clients by referral than I ever thought possible.

I was able to eliminaterepparttar 135067 painful negative energy and time spent worrying about challenging client relationships. I went through an intense period of exhaustion and I wasn’t able to accomplishrepparttar 135068 highest good for my clients. You can’t possibly be productive, effective or successful if you’re working with clients that are not ideal.

MENTAL EXERCISE: For maximum joy, prosperity and abundance think aboutrepparttar 135069 human you are when you are performing optimally at your peak…when you are with allrepparttar 135070 people who inspire and energize you. Wouldn’t it be great to spend every day working with super-cool people that are both friends and clients? It is completely possible once you identify who you want to work with…and with absolute certainty determine that you will settle for nothing less. I know this can seem really scary early on, but hang with me. Embracerepparttar 135071 concept and trust that as we move throughrepparttar 135072 seven keys, your fears and concerns will all be answered. Rest assured, once you define your ideal clients, you get to dumb your duds. I hereby, give you permission to release any dead wood in your calendar. You will then Book Yourself Solid and work with inspiring ideal clients with whom you do your best work.

WRITTEN EXERCISE Start by identifying specific characteristics that your ideal clients possess. Keep in mind your favorite clients –repparttar 135073 ones you love so much you’d practically work for free. Here are my top five to get you inrepparttar 135074 mood.

6 Critical Rules When Building An Affiliate Website

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

There are 6 rules you must use when building any affiliate website if you wantrepparttar website to make you any money.

Building Your Site Rule #1 Always have a strong headline.

No matter how great your sales copy is or how great your content and information is… no one will stick around long enough to read it unless you grab them with your headline.

Make sure you have a compelling enough headline to makerepparttar 135066 person want to stay and read your information.

Building Your Site Rule #2 Make your home page a strong sales letter that combines elements of an article and an endorsement.

The best way to have a sales letter that is not hyped up and can still do a good “pre-sell” is to have a form of a product “review” or “endorsement.” What most people are interested in is readingrepparttar 135067 pros and cons about a product. Spend some time and dedicaterepparttar 135068 home page to a good product, write a good “endorsement” article.

Building Your Site Rule #3 Stop hiding your links. Let your visitors read your articles…

Some advocates ofrepparttar 135069 old mini-site strategy advised you to have NO other links on your site. There was supposed to be just one other link –repparttar 135070 BUY NOW link. And I think this still works, but for merchant sites – not affiliate websites.

Remember, your job is to PRE-SELL, not sell. You’re not trying to corner your potential customer, you’re just trying to gain their trust. The best way to gain their trust is to offer them a bunch of useful advice and helpful content. That means you’ll need LINKS to all that good stuff on your site.

Now remember,repparttar 135071 other articles on your site should also be “pre-selling” your readers – so one way orrepparttar 135072 other, you will be able to gain their trust and getrepparttar 135073 sale.

Building Your Site Rule #4 Offer lots and lots of articles – all with easy navigation.

As PPC gets more and more expensive, it’s getting harder and harder to get qualified leads from search engine advertising. It’s also getting tougher and tougher to find easy shortcuts to a #1 placement. A cheaper and more effective strategy is to patiently work WITHrepparttar 135074 search engines rather than trying to trick them or buy into them.

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