Book Summary : Primal Leadership

Written by Regine Azurin

This article is based onrepparttar following book: Primal Leadership “Leading To Lead With Emotional Intelligence” By Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Annie Mckee Published by Harvard Business School Press 2004 ISBN 1591391849 306 pages

Primal leadership takes center stage in this book. This concept goes beyondrepparttar 119415 set of conventional competencies onrepparttar 119416 making of a leader. Beyond bottom line figures, this book takes a leap forward withrepparttar 119417 concept of primal leadership through a keen and in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence and its link to leading and building emotionally intelligent organizations.

The authors explorerepparttar 119418 idea of leadership as an emotional function. They propose thatrepparttar 119419 fundamental task of a leader is to create resonance at work, thereby unleashing positive traits and attributes in people. Emotionally intelligent leaders bring organizational success torepparttar 119420 fore because they inspire, motivate and foster commitment in people.

Harnessrepparttar 119421 power of primal leadership in this book and bring outrepparttar 119422 emotionally intelligent leader in you.

Primal Dimension of Leadership The use of emotion in leadership functions is a primal task that sets leaders apart. Great leaders move people by channeling emotions inrepparttar 119423 right direction, whether it is in formulating corporate strategy inrepparttar 119424 boardroom or a series of action items inrepparttar 119425 shop floor.

Resonance Effect The positive channeling of emotions that empowers people to be top performers is called resonance. The culture of resonance brings outrepparttar 119426 best in people. Onrepparttar 119427 other hand, when leaders negatively drive emotions dissonance is created. Dissonance is not conducive to harmonious working relationships as it can undermine people’s potentials.

Key to Primal Leadership Emotional intelligence isrepparttar 119428 foundation of making primal leadership work. An emotionally intelligent leader knows how to handle himself and his relationship withrepparttar 119429 people he works with in order to drive up performance.

Good Moods, Good Work A good mood is essential for a team to function effectively. It is crucial for a leader to foster positive working relationships because emotional conflicts in a group can hamper a team’s performance.

A study of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies revealed that positive overall mood of top management people leads to better cooperation and better business performance. This argument takesrepparttar 119430 view that it is top management that createsrepparttar 119431 conditions for workers to work well.

Resonant Leader For emotionally intelligent leaders, resonance comes naturally in their dealings with people. Their actions reinforce synchrony within their team and withinrepparttar 119432 organization. The strength of an emotionally resonant leader lies inrepparttar 119433 emotional bond he forms which allows people to collaborate with each other even inrepparttar 119434 face of change and uncertainty.

The Importance of Background Verification

Written by Stephen Spain

The Importance of Background Verification By Stephen Spain

Today's society has created an environment that requires business owners to be armed with numerous tools. Many employers currently spend little time verifyingrepparttar accuracy of employment applications andrepparttar 119414 cost of not doing normal due diligence can be staggering. Consider: An HVAC company recently paid $750,000 to a customer who was raped by a service technician. His employment application indicated no criminal convictions andrepparttar 119415 employer did not perform a complete background check. An employee who had previously been convicted of passing bad checks forged signatures contracts. The court judged his employer negligent and awarded $175,000. After driving for a telephone company for only a week, an employee was involved in a traffic accident. The jury learned thatrepparttar 119416 company never sawrepparttar 119417 employee's driver's record which had five tickets within 18 months. They awardedrepparttar 119418 injured party $550,000. Companies often don't adequately screen their new applicants. They should. Crooks and cons can cost your company a fortune. Even if it were as simple as making an informed choice between a great service technician and one with an untrue work history, wouldn't a small investment be worth it. In today's business environment of easy access to computer systems andrepparttar 119419 proprietary information stored on them, even a temporary employee can wreak havoc on a company in a very short amount of time.

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