Book Shelf Decorating Idea & Tip

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

If you have book shelves in your home, and lots of books, you've probably discovered that bookends don't always keep everything in order. Sometimes your collection of books onrepparttar shelf are just too much forrepparttar 118024 bookend to hold.

Here's a great tip that also doubles as a wonderful decorating idea: Use curtain rod finials as your bookends! A finial is a carved or shaped decorative detail used as ornaments to spruce up all sorts of items in a room. Curtain rod finials are used to make curtain rods more decorative, and also to keep curtains from sliding offrepparttar 118025 ends ofrepparttar 118026 rods. Regular architectural finials are often used as enhancements to a room's decoration and style. Sometimes you'll see them for instance, atrepparttar 118027 top of a staircase post or onrepparttar 118028 tops of bedposts.

Curtain rod finials usually come with a screw set inside. All you have to do is drill a starter hole in your bookshelf, then screwrepparttar 118029 finial into place. You can also use standard wood glue onrepparttar 118030 bottom ofrepparttar 118031 finial, to be sure it stays in place at all times... by doing so of course though, you won't be able to changerepparttar 118032 finials to a different style later.

French Country Style Decorating Ideas

Written by Jill Kane

What constitutesrepparttar French country style of décor? Rustic, of course, is country in any language. But French country gives yourepparttar 118023 opportunity to add a little flair to your décor.

Natural materials such as wood for tables, chairs and armoires, scrolled iron plant stands, plaster walls and stone or brick floors are an integral part ofrepparttar 118024 French country look. The look of plaster or stucco walls can be easily obtained byrepparttar 118025 use of a product called Venetian plaster, or you can make your own by mixing drywall compound with a little latex paint in a neutral color. This is spread over a painted wall in varying degrees of thickness, and then when dry can be glazed or sealed with a latex sealer. Details on this technique can be found online or in your local home improvement store. The floor may be a little more difficult forrepparttar 118026 do-it-yourselfer, however,repparttar 118027 new laminates very much resemble stone flooring. It just won’t be as rough as real stone or brick but that could be a good thing!

Furniture with romantic curves, such as a pedestal table and chairs with turned legs and rush seats, perhaps with a distressed whitewash finish speak fluent French. Any respectable French boudoir or sitting room would not be complete without a chaise lounge (fainting couch) upholstered in a lovely toile fabric. Replacing one or two panels in your kitchen cabinet doors with chicken wire will give an authentic French country look. Accent colors for a French country theme are black, wine (of course), russet, gold, green andrepparttar 118028 very popular combination of blue and yellow.

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