Book Review: The Non-designer’s Design Book, Second Edition

Written by Granny's Mettle

One ofrepparttar books I strongly recommend for non-designers like me is Robin Williams' "Non-Designer's Design Book". It is a must for dummies who want to have a career on graphic designing even withoutrepparttar 131540 formal education. The book is a good primer for novices and amateurs to help them produce layouts that can catch attention.

The Book provides a practical introduction torepparttar 131541 basic principles of design, which makes it more appropriate for those who need to put together a media material such as a presentation, a newsletter or a flyer, but doesn't haverepparttar 131542 degree or evenrepparttar 131543 background in design.

Written in a pamphlet-sized, 200-page book,repparttar 131544 author explores designs forrepparttar 131545 printed page.

Robin Williams has put into this bookrepparttar 131546 basic principles of good design and typography. It explains step-by-steprepparttar 131547 concepts and methods to help aspiring graphic artists to begin producing more sophisticated, professional and attention-grabbing pages right away.

The book is written in a relaxed manner--- full of humor and free of graphics jargon usually found in other books. To help readers produce great materials instantly, Williams has infused her book with exercises, quizzes, illustrations, and dozens of examples to make learning a snap.

She gamely discussedrepparttar 131548 concept of layout around four (4) basic design principles, namely: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. Each of these has its own chapter with several examples that can be done even inrepparttar 131549 comforts of your home.

Newsbytes From The World Wide Web

Written by Jim Edwards

** Google Desktop Live **

Google's free desktop search utility made it out ofrepparttar "beta" stage and users can now download a finished 1.0 version from for free.

With improvements overrepparttar 131539 "beta" version released in 2004,repparttar 131540 finished version not only allows you to search your own computer for Microsoft Office documents, emails, and instant messaging history, but now supports music, video, images, PDF files, andrepparttar 131541 Firefox and Netscape Web browsers.

In their never-ending quest to make their name synonymous with "search," Google's Desktop Search utility makes a bold step towards dominatingrepparttar 131542 desktop search market.

Available for Windows XP and Windows 2000, Google's desktop search remains miles ahead of MSN and Yahoo!, who released their own beta version desktop search utilities several months after Google.

Google also chose to create an environment friendly to third-party software developers by encouraging them to develop "plug ins" that expandrepparttar 131543 capabilities of their Desktop Search application.

By allowing others to add their "two-cents" torepparttar 131544 program, Google will further cement their position asrepparttar 131545 leader in this emerging field of "desktop" search.

** MP3 Player Wars Boiling Over **

In response to Apple's iPod Shuffle, a low priced flash memory MP3 audio player, Sony announced plans to offer a comparably low priced MP3 player inrepparttar 131546 $100 to $150 range.

This in response to complaints from consumers that Sony's past MP3 player offerings rated too expensive next torepparttar 131547 feature-rich iPpod.

Consumers can expect several developments in response to Sony's entry intorepparttar 131548 "Under $150" MP3 player market.

First, increased use ofrepparttar 131549 portable players will cause related businesses sellingrepparttar 131550 actual MP3's and accessories to experience continued growth, both online and offline.

Second, a new trend known as "pod casting" is getting set to explode.

"Pod casting" involves content providers (radio dj's, entrepreneurs, columnists, musicians) creating MP3 audio content and then making it super simple for listeners to automatically download these "broadcasts" online and listen to them at their convenience.

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