Book Promotion Myth -- The Best Place to Sell Books is a Book Store

Written by Judy Cullins

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Thanks, Judy =============== Book Promotion Myth -- The Best Place to Sell Books is a Book Store Judy Cullins 2001

When most people think of buying books they think of bookstores. Marketing guru, John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book says "I'm glad I don't rely on retail "brick and mortar" bookstore sales for my income, but it will be nice to add that icing onrepparttar 129727 cake into my cash flow again."

Inrepparttar 129728 past three years, John has sold 45,000 copies of his book, many from non-traditional marketing strategies; his web site, his eMagazine which offers tips, products and seminars, specialty stores, foreign markets, libraries, and back ofrepparttar 129729 room sales. Because he is a recognized name, he and other bestsellers by famous authors get a lot of shelf space inrepparttar 129730 bookstore--cover side out. For your lesser-known book, only your spine will show and after three months of initial placement, your book will fade away unless you put on your promotion hat to get customers torepparttar 129731 store.

In one book coaching session, a new client thought he wanted to sell torepparttar 129732 bookstores. I asked him who was his particular audience. He said business people. What kind of business people? Do these people go torepparttar 129733 "brick and mortar" bookstore for a business book? Or, will they be more likely to visit a particular business Web site for specific kinds of business books?

Tips For Writing An Attention Grabbing Press Release

Written by Ana Ventura

If you were to ask certain people inrepparttar public relations or marketing field, they would tell you, "Press Releases don't sell. End of story." Most press releases don't sell, but there's a good reason for that.

A lot of people just don't care, be itrepparttar 129726 media orrepparttar 129727 regular old public. Don't get me wrong-- I'm not trying to say that society has fallen into a pit of apathetic lethargy because that's not true. What I am saying is that in this world of I've- heard-everything, it takes more than just a professional voice and a nice writing style to get noticed inrepparttar 129728 news world.

So what tips can you follow to make your press release more likely to catchrepparttar 129729 eye of an editor orrepparttar 129730 average reader?

*Write your press release about an event that doesn't happen every day. I've read press releases inrepparttar 129731 past that were written to announce someone's promotion in a small to mid size company. Fact ofrepparttar 129732 matter is, people are out there finding jobs and getting promoted every single day. If you can find something uncommon having to do with your announcement, focus on that. It will certainly capture a readers interest for a longer period of time.

*Ask yourself how meaningful your topic would to be to a mass audience. The more people that would be interested,repparttar 129733 better chance you have at getting your story covered.

*Even if you have found something to write your release about that would be interesting and meaningful to a majority of people, you might want to consider whether or notrepparttar 129734 topic will promote your business. After all, writingrepparttar 129735 press release was intended to gain more publicity, right?

*How willrepparttar 129736 information you provide inrepparttar 129737 press release benefitrepparttar 129738 reader? As much as we hate to admit it, we live in not a selfless world. Many of us read an article, an ad, or anything at all only if it serves to benefit our own interest somehow.

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