Book Marketing 101 for Self Published Authors

Written by Ray Robinson - Dog Ear Publishing

Self Publishing Book Marketing 101

No matter what any POD publisher or marketing company tells you (evenrepparttar traditional publishing houses) you,repparttar 126363 author, are almost 100%repparttar 126364 reason your book will sell.

It is your belief, excitement, enthusiasm, and energy that will get a reader excited about buying your book.

Publishers are certainly a vehicle by which you can communicate your passion torepparttar 126365 rest ofrepparttar 126366 world, but, for ANYTHING to happen you'll need to know a few things about yourself and your book - and be able to communicate them very clearly.

1 - What is your definition of success for your book?

Some authors write for themselves and their families only – they don’t dream of their books as bestsellers inrepparttar 126367 marketplace. Some authors write for a very specific personal need to tell their story. Some have unique insight into very specific topics. Many have dreams of seeing their book inrepparttar 126368 front of Borders or Barnes & Noble. Each author is different, but you MUST decide what your real definition of success happens to be. Don’t try to pursue a goal that may not be what you actually feel is important.

2 - Who will buy your book?

This isrepparttar 126369 big secret to sales success in self publishing. Target your marketing to your potential reader – and have it be someone who is reachable.

“Everyone will want to read my book!” Sorry, but that doesn’t work. Evenrepparttar 126370 absolute best selling books – that sell 2 or 3 million copies in a year - only penetrate to a very small percent ofrepparttar 126371 population. Sales success for your book will be driven by defining a very clear picture  of who is interested in what you have to say.

And - they must be identifiable: Make a list! Which groups would be interested in your book? Why? Who is next? Why shouldrepparttar 126372 need or want your book? (remember this – someone is more likely to buy something they NEED before something they WANT)

Now – narrow it down even more. Years ago books on computers were allrepparttar 126373 rage –repparttar 126374 market was saturated atrepparttar 126375 “beginner” level, and it seemed impossible to get anymore books into consumers hands. Then a company came along with repparttar 126376 bright idea that they would write a computer book for beginners – but beginners who felt intimidated by their computers – andrepparttar 126377 now ubiquitous and quite famous “For Dummies” series was born – atrepparttar 126378 timerepparttar 126379 books hit, there were nearly 3 dozen titles out for beginners. Yet this one scooped up nearly a 70% market share overnight. The rest were left to fight forrepparttar 126380 scraps. Find a unique angle about your book – and don’t try and be everything to everyone, because you can’t – instead target 100% of a specific part!

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