Body Talk

Written by Arlene Unger

Body Talk

Our body "talks" to us through negative signals such as aches and pains, as well as through positive signals such as higher energy levels, feelings of exhilaration and well being. These signals are a lifeline to healthy eating and exercise choices.

For instance, when you haverepparttar flu, your body says, "let's shut down and chill". Letting your body fightrepparttar 131259 flu virus can help you get back to your active life more quickly. When you "rest" you allow your body to devote its attention to fightingrepparttar 131260 flu.

When you’re very tired, your body is saying, “Stay put.” If we push ourselves drowsiness can set in and accidents can happen while we work out. You don't haverepparttar 131261 "energy" to focus; you become dangerous to yourself and others.

When your body says, “I am soooo sore!” your body is saying it needs a break. Personal trainers will tell you that recovery from exercise is just as important asrepparttar 131262 exercise regime itself. Overtraining can be as bad as under training. Your body needs time to metabolizerepparttar 131263 byproducts of exercise, and to rebuild damaged tissue.

There are other signals that don’t come from our bodies but, rather our fickle moods, feelings and impulses. They get us confused and off-track. For instance when you notice it is cold and damp outside, you tell yourself it is “okay” to miss a workout. Even on these days you can still beef up your cardio by vacuuming, mopping, running up and downrepparttar 131264 stairs or just jumping rope in your patio.

“Oops, ran out of time,” is another classic excuse. If we learn to combine things we want or need to do with exercise it becomes much more fun. Going on date to play tennis, taking a family hike or conducting a business meeting during a long walk with your client are just of few ofrepparttar 131265 ways to get exercise while accomplishing another task.

“My program is on TV now,” is another poor excuse for not exercising. It would not berepparttar 131266 worse thing inrepparttar 131267 world to tape your show and watch later, especially without those commercials. When you make a deal with yourself to do a part of your workout, you typically end up completing your whole routine. The reward is that you have exceeded your expectations and now you can watch your show without feeling guilty.

Another common non-excuse is “a spa or gym membership just costs too much.” You can actually spend much less on a monthly membership than you do on blended coffee drinks in a month. The gym is better for you and you will feel a true sense of accomplishment each day.

Your Body Is Not A Work Of Art

Written by Alison Finch

"Your body is not a work of art" is a true statement. So why do so many people, and women in particular, spend countless hours wishing that theirs was one and

even more hours feeling angry, embarrassed and even ashamed of their bodies because they fail to live up torepparttar images in their minds?

The answer is obvious, isn't it? Beautiful bodies get lots of positive attention, which is great forrepparttar 131257 ego and for generating feelings of self-worth. It's a fact that

women with "gorgeous" bodies are in great demand with virtually all cultures throughoutrepparttar 131258 world and throughout time. Yes,repparttar 131259 media-revolution has created an

unprecedented explosion in demand for gorgeous bodies but it's not a new phenomenon.

So if your body doesn't quite fit intorepparttar 131260 category of "absolutely gorgeous", how can you possibly feel good about it?

If you want to feel good about your body then you need to start seeing it for what it really is. Not a work of art. Not a two-dimensional picture stuck on a wall

for everyone to walk past and make whimsical judgements about. Not a statue that can be ignored, defiled, neglected or ridiculed. No, our bodies are none of

those things.

Our bodies are amazingly complex life-forms that allow us to live, breathe, see, taste, smell, touch, feel, walk, jump, swim, hug, write, draw, eat, laugh, play and

so on. And even if you're suffering from a disability or ill-health that prevents you from doing some of these things it doesn't mean that I am wrong, because your

body is still doing many of these things. Pictures and statues can't do ANY of them.

So if you've decided that you hate your body because you are disappointed withrepparttar 131261 way it's turned out then you're being very superficial, aren't you? Yes, YOU

are being superficial. You can blame glossy magazines all you want for pumping thousands of perfectly-manipulated beautiful images of women and men into our

society but if you succumb to hating your own body simply because you don't likerepparttar 131262 way it looks then you are causing your own misery.

Your body is a sophisticated and unique entity that should be judged in its entirety not just byrepparttar 131263 size of its chest orrepparttar 131264 shape of its nose. If you are prepared

to open your mind torepparttar 131265 real value of your body then you can't fail to notice that it is actually very special indeed.

Here are some facts about YOUR body that are worth absorbing:

Your body uses ten different systems, which work as separate entities but depend on each other for physical and biochemical support, resulting in a true

functioning co-operative. These are muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, immune, urinary, digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems. And

these systems keep working on your behalf 24/7.

The little patch of skin situated in-between your eyebrows contains over six million cells, 26 oil glands, 20 hairs, 100 sweat glands, three metres of nerves, one

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