Body Language Before Dog Bites

Written by Adam G. Katz

Dear Adam:

After catching up on doggy email, I've noticed your reference to submissive posture. Your book helped more than a professional trainer I hired for my adopted Golden. We went through biting and dominance issues. The problem I am having now is I still do not trust him 100%. When he bit there really wasn't any sign it was coming (that I noticed). Even now,repparttar only sign that he doesn't like something is a lowered head and sometimes a low growl (the groomer told me this). This dog growls sometimes when he is happy. It is almost like someone taught him not to make any other noise in doors. Outside he will bark. I guessrepparttar 125718 big question is how do you read a dog's face, body, etc.?

Thanks, Mark.

Dear Mark:

It's a tough situation you've got. You've really got to just pay close attention torepparttar 125719 dog at any time you suspect she may displayrepparttar 125720 aggression. The most common indicators that I used when working with clients who had aggressive dogs was to watch:

5 Surefire Ways to Show Your Dog You’re The Boss

Written by Charlie Lafave

Do you have problems at your house with who’s in charge? By that I mean, does your dog think he’srepparttar boss? In your effort to form a stronger bond with your dog you may have inadvertently told him he’srepparttar 125717 Leader ofrepparttar 125718 Pack. Here are 5 simple and effective ways to correct that.

You Must Be The Alpha Dog First, let’s take a look at what a “pack mentality” means. Dogs are born into packs – inrepparttar 125719 wild, packs arerepparttar 125720 essential social order. Unlike humans, who use a variety of political processes to determine leadership and rank, dogs sort out their social order by dominance and power. In a wolf pack, there is a Top Dog – a clear leader who isrepparttar 125721 dominant, Alpha male. He’srepparttar 125722 Big Dog, with pride of place atrepparttar 125723 dinner table (well, if wolves had a dinner table!), first in mating, first in decision making forrepparttar 125724 pack. Whether you realize it or not, your dog views your household as his own personal wolf pack. The pack mentality is so engrained in your dog’s psyche that he will either view you as a leader - or a follower - depending on your actions. If you are to have a well-trained dog, you must establish that you arerepparttar 125725 leader, and he isrepparttar 125726 follower. Your dog has to know in his heart that you arerepparttar 125727 Alpha Dog,repparttar 125728 Head Honcho,repparttar 125729 Big Dog,repparttar 125730 Top Dog – call it whatever you want, but your dog needs to know you’re in charge. Dogs are a little like children in one respect – they’re looking for someone else to berepparttar 125731 leader – they want rules and regulations because that makes their role inrepparttar 125732 pack more clear-cut and understandable. It’s scary beingrepparttar 125733 leader – if you’re not up to it, your dog may assumerepparttar 125734 role – because someone has to be in charge! If that’s what’s happened at your house, you need to re-establish your position asrepparttar 125735 Top Dog, or “Leader ofrepparttar 125736 Pack.” But here’s an important note: beingrepparttar 125737 leader ofrepparttar 125738 pack has absolutely nothing to do with harsh punishment. It has everything to do with consistency and setting limits. A simple rule to remember (and one people have great difficulty keeping in mind) is that you arerepparttar 125739 leader, not your dog.

1. You Go Through The Door First Even something as straightforward as who walks throughrepparttar 125740 door first can reinforce your position as “dominant dog.” Leaders lead. Followers follow. If you allow your dog to charge throughrepparttar 125741 door ahead of you, he perceives that as asserting his dominance over you. Put your dog onrepparttar 125742 leash, and make sure you’rerepparttar 125743 first one throughrepparttar 125744 door.

2. You Eat Before Your Dog Who gets fed first in your house – you or your dog? In a wolf pack,repparttar 125745 leader eats first, and when he is done,repparttar 125746 rest ofrepparttar 125747 pack can dine. Do you feed your dog first because he pesters you when you’re cooking your dinner, and it’s simply more convenient to have him quiet and out ofrepparttar 125748 way when you’re eating? Food is a powerful motivator that can be used to clearly demonstrate who isrepparttar 125749 ruler ofrepparttar 125750 roost at your house. In no way, shape or form am I suggesting that you withhold food from your dog – that’s cruel and unusual punishment any way you look at it. What I am suggesting is that you controlrepparttar 125751 timing ofrepparttar 125752 food – you should eat first, your dog second, after you’re done with your meal.

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