Boating Safety

Written by Jordan Walt

AIC Insurance Agency advises boaters to take necessary precautions to be safe duringrepparttar summer season,repparttar 144236 time of year when boat accident claims increase in frequency by 45 percent, according to a recent analysis of claims incidence at Travelers, a leading provider of boat and yacht insurance. “Substantially more people are onrepparttar 144237 water duringrepparttar 144238 summer, so that isrepparttar 144239 time boaters should be extra careful to protect their family, friends and watercraft from a loss,” said Jordan Walt of AIC Insurance Agency. “It’s also a good time to review your boat and yacht insurance with an independent agent to be sure you have adequate coverage.” AIC Insurance Agency recommendsrepparttar 144240 following boat safety tips: ·Wear a life jacket: 80 percent of drowning victims were not wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) or life jacket. Most states require that children under a certain age wear a life jacket and that every boat be equipped with one life jacket per passenger. ·Take a boating course: Even if your state does not mandaterepparttar 144241 completion of a boating course prior to obtaining your boating license, both you and your passengers will benefit from a formalized course. To learn more about boating safety classes, visit ·Schedule a vessel safety check: The Coast Guard auxiliary offers free safety checks. For more information, visit or call 1-800-368-5647. ·Equip your boat with an emergency kit and be familiar with how to use each ofrepparttar 144242 items. Travelers recommends includingrepparttar 144243 following: fire extinguisher, first aid kit, visual distress signal and/or a Coast Guard-approved throw able PFD, such as a life ring or a horseshoe. Organize an emergency plan and make sure that passengers are familiar with it. Remember to test equipment and be knowledgeable ofrepparttar 144244 suggested guidelines for usage and replacement.

Andy Griffith Show Family Lessons

Written by T Frady

Although it might seem pretty corny to a lot of folks today,repparttar old Andy Griffith Show really did have a lot of common sense family values that we could learn from today.

Take for instancerepparttar 144192 episode "Bailey's Bad Boy" that guest starred Bill Bixby as a spoiled rich teenager who wanted his rich dad to bail him out of jail once he got in trouble in Mayberry. Bixby's character seesrepparttar 144193 perfect example of parenting from Andy when Taylor makes Opie stand on his own two feet and pay for a window he had broken. Too often in real life we bail our kids out of everything. You don't really do your kid a favor when you take away any chance they might have of getting a personal sense of responsibility. No matter how smallrepparttar 144194 occurrence if your child breaks something even by accident, takerepparttar 144195 time to explain torepparttar 144196 childrepparttar 144197 importance of taking responsibility forrepparttar 144198 things we do. I'm not saying you should get angry and act likerepparttar 144199 Incredible Hulk, just explain torepparttar 144200 kid that if he breaks things or makes a mess he has to clean it up, and then make sure they do.

One ofrepparttar 144201 most famous episodes of Andy Griffith wasrepparttar 144202 episode entitled "Opierepparttar 144203 Birdman". Opie accidentally kills a mother bird leaving her baby birds all alone. Andy doesn't sugar coatrepparttar 144204 situation. He doesn't yell and scream like a cat under a rocking chair either. He just simply opens a window and let's Opie hearrepparttar 144205 baby birds crying for their mother, and points out to Opierepparttar 144206 hard fact that his actions have consequences. Sometimes we shelter our kids from every type of responsibility possible, while atrepparttar 144207 same time allowing them to absorb hours of violence and sex onrepparttar 144208 TV and video games.

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