Boat Dock Accessories

Written by Thomas Holley

Boat dock accessories can help customize your boat dock to be not only more functional, but also more enjoyable for yourself and others you may take on boating adventures.

There are a variety of different boat dock accessories available for you to purchase to outfit your boat dock and turn it in torepparttar boat dock of your dreams.

If you use your dock not only as a place to store your boat, but also as a location to entertain, you may want to consider boat dock accessories such as a gazebo or another type of shaded roof structure. Purchasing some sort of shaded roof structure will allow you to spend time out on your boat dock during warmer months without being completely exposed torepparttar 138411 sun. A shaded roof can give you an indoor refuge while you are still outdoors, and surrounded by water on your boat dock.

You may also want to include, along with a shaded roof or gazebo, some sort of boat dock accessory that will provide seating for you and your guests while onrepparttar 138412 dock. Boat dock accessories such as benches can not only provide seating, but depending onrepparttar 138413 bench that you choose can also make your boat dock more attractive to look at.

Avoid Boat Buying Fraud

Written by Tim Gottschalk

If you have attempted to sell a boat (or car, etc.) onrepparttar internet, chances are you may have come across prospective buyers offering to buy your boat for more than it is worth.

The story usually goes something like this. They email you telling you they like your boat. They (or their client) want to buyrepparttar 138236 boat, and have you ship it overseas to Nigeria, or some similar country. The prospective buyer will send you a cashier's check for more thanrepparttar 138237 amount. The buyer may tell you this additional amount will be used to coverrepparttar 138238 shipping cost. Another tact they use is to tell you they have a debtor inrepparttar 138239 US that owes them money. You settle withrepparttar 138240 debtor forrepparttar 138241 amount ofrepparttar 138242 boat, and send themrepparttar 138243 difference.

If you are approached with this situation, Please proceed with extreme caution. These scammers will go torepparttar 138244 trouble of sending you a check via certified mail that is a forgery. At first glancerepparttar 138245 checks appear real. But in reality are not worthrepparttar 138246 paper they are printed on. Just remember; certified checks are NOT GUARANTEED. Your bank will honorrepparttar 138247 check and give you cash against it. A counterfeit cashier's check may not be discovered until weeks after it has been cashed. Whenrepparttar 138248 forgery is discovered, you will be held responsible forrepparttar 138249 funds drawn on this check!

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