Boarded Windows

Written by Joi Sigers

You know how images trigger emotions? You can see something that can leave you warm and fuzzy for hours or fill you with hope and wonder for days.

Something that has always struck me as sad has been closed, boarded-up shops and businesses. Namelyrepparttar ones which would have been individually-owned, a mom and pop shop, if you will. I never was 100% sure why they always left me clouded until yesterday. We were driving around Kentucky looking for something fun to get into and I saw what was once obviously a beautiful little restaurant. The landscaping had taken some a lot of thought,repparttar 148776 fixtures were shiny,repparttar 148777 siding blindingly white,repparttar 148778 accent colors were beautiful,repparttar 148779 sign was adorably Kentuckian....the windows were boarded up, and there was a little For Sale by Owners poster onrepparttar 148780 side.

This beautiful little place was once somebody's dream that filled them with hope, then their reality that had filled them with joy, then their past that left them empty. It hadn't been open terribly long - that much was obvious. For one thing, we hadn't seen it a few years before, and for another - everything was still too pretty and fresh.

What ifrepparttar 148781 owners had givenrepparttar 148782 place more time?

What if they closed shop and shut down just before their business was about to explode?

What if one tiny little month was all that was needed for enough people to find them - what if they quit 30 days too soon?

What if they had believed more in their restaurant and more in themselves?

What all did they miss out on by quitting, giving up and throwing uprepparttar 148783 boards onrepparttar 148784 windows?

They'll never know how close they may have been! Never's a word that doesn't work for me.

Sadly, we're all just as guilty. How many of us have beautiful, brightly colored dreams that we craft and nurture? The future is bright and our hopes are soaring....then, if things aren't moving along fast enough for us, or ifrepparttar 148785 work is too hard, we board uprepparttar 148786 windows and abandon it. We whip outrepparttar 148787 "Closed for Business" sign and broken-heartedly move on.

How much fight is in you?

Written by Joi Sigers


*** "Allrepparttar adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick inrepparttar 148775 teeth may berepparttar 148776 best thing inrepparttar 148777 world for you. " - Walt Disney

Walt Disney, who often struggled just to feed himself, had to declare bankruptcy in 1920. In 1923, he made his way to Hollywood with just $40 in his pocket. $40 and a sketchbook!

In 1928 Walt and a few friends, byrepparttar 148778 names Mickey and Minnie, tookrepparttar 148779 world by storm in "Steamboat Willie". Unsuspecting movie viewers were witnessingrepparttar 148780 birth of a legend! The rest is most definitely Entertainment History.

Can you imaginerepparttar 148781 flack Walt Disney must have caught when, penniless, he'd sit inrepparttar 148782 corner sketching?! No doubt he was called everything from a dreamer to a loser. Fortunately, he knew that it's notrepparttar 148783 name they call you that matters. It'srepparttar 148784 name you answer to that counts.

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