Blueprint for Leadership - How to Be a Better Leader

Written by Steve Kaye

If you were to build a house, you would begin with a blueprint. This blueprint proves useful because it contains more than directions on how to build a house. It also describesrepparttar finished house.

So, what does this have to do with leadership?

Last month I asked an audience of leaders to tell merepparttar 137590 characteristics of an ideal leader. Their answers were (inrepparttar 137591 order collected):

A good listener, enthusiasm, passion, shows appreciation, a visionary, role model, trusting, integrity, organized, knowledgeable, credibility, persuasive, charisma, team building, clarity of purpose, problem solver, attitude of service, leads by example, patience, willing to act without complete knowledge, understands followers, consistent, empowers other people, and adapts to change.

I'll add that this is essentiallyrepparttar 137592 same list that I receive from other audiences when I ask this question. From this comes some useful insights.

1) Notice whatrepparttar 137593 list contains. All of these characteristics relate torepparttar 137594 human side of leadership. That's interesting because I often hear people minimize this side of leadership with terms like "soft" or "touchy feely." Actually, applying these characteristics requires more strength than not.

Why it is important to provide after sale service?

Written by Cecilia Chang

Copyright © Cecilia Chang

Below is a situation I've met recently.

Early last month, me and my fiancé went to a furniture shop to look around for our new house.

Upon reachingrepparttar shop at chongpang, a popular place in Singapore, a lady approached us politely and passed us some files with pictures ofrepparttar 137474 furniture. We browse throughrepparttar 137475 files and she even offer to help us look forrepparttar 137476 color and design of our requirements.

In between, we make some changes onrepparttar 137477 color we want but she still give us that smiling face and continue helping us. Well, this is good customer service. Don't you agree?

Of course, we'll make some bargains seeing our idea furniture. After some discussion, she agree to give us some discounts as we are going to buy two products from them.

After paying a deposit, we decided to browse for our next purchases for our master bedroom since we received very good customer service. She shows us around to cupboard and dressing table. There's also discount onrepparttar 137478 items we prepare to buy. She even wrote downrepparttar 137479 details ofrepparttar 137480 items on offer, in case whenrepparttar 137481 time we come to buy, it's not on offer anymore.

So happily, we leftrepparttar 137482 shop and decided to buy all our other furniture from this shop. Until here, we received before sale service.

Let's see how our after sale service is like...

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