Blu ray: what is next

Written by Chuck Red

Blu ray is a next generation optical media format developed byrepparttar Blu ray disc association, a group of leading consumer electronics and technology companies such as Apple, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, TDK to name, but a few.

The format was developed for high definition video, as well as storing large amounts of data. A single layer Blu ray disc can hold 25gb of data, which isrepparttar 143661 equivalent to over 2 hours of high definition television or more than 13 hours of standard definition television. There are also dual layer versions of Blu ray that can hold up to 50Gb of data.

While current optical media uses a red laser to read and write data,repparttar 143662 new format uses a blue-violet laser instead. Despiterepparttar 143663 different type of lasers uses, Blu ray drives can be made backwards compatible.

An Introduction to HD-DVD

Written by Chuck Red

High density digital versatile disc is a digital optical media format which is being developed. HD DVD is similar torepparttar competing Blu-ray Disc. It is currently in a format war withrepparttar 143418 Blu ray disc proposed byrepparttar 143419 Blu ray disc association.

HD DVD has a single layer capacity of 15GB and a double layer capacity of 30GB. The surface layer is 0.6mm thick which isrepparttar 143420 same thickness of surface layer as standard DVDs.

HD DVD media is less expensive to manufacture than Blu ray discs which require re-tooling of DVD production lines. Another advantage over Blu ray isrepparttar 143421 common disc structure with DVDs which therefore allows for full backwards compatibility of HD DVD drives which will be able to play both DVDs and CDs. However it is now likely that Blu ray drives will be backwards compatible with DVDs.

HD DVD providesrepparttar 143422 large capacity storage needed for all sorts of recorded content, including high definition movies and music as well as computer data and files.

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