Blogs and Journalism

Written by Gunnar Berglund

Blogs and Journalism The world has seenrepparttar emergence of a new style of journalism, based on a 'raw feed' directly fromrepparttar 124224 source. Andrepparttar 124225 common notion that surroundsrepparttar 124226 emergence of serving 'raw feed' is thatrepparttar 124227 journalists testingrepparttar 124228 new waters are bound to wreak havoc on institutionalized media. Also a popular notion is that Weblogs changesrepparttar 124229 nature of 'news' is inrepparttar 124230 migration of information fromrepparttar 124231 personal torepparttar 124232 public.

Unquestionable, a blog is a medium that gives maximum exposure to one's creativity. Just by hittingrepparttar 124233 'post' button and any personal writing becomes published writing.

Weblogging is driving a powerful new form of amateur journalism. Today, millions of Net users - young people especially - have taken uprepparttar 124234 role of columnist, reporter, analyst and publisher while fashioning their own personal broadcasting networks.

Forrepparttar 124235 inexperienced, a blog consists of a running commentary with pointers to other sites. Some, like, Jim Romenesko's Media News or Steve Outing's E-Media Tidbits, cover entire industries by providing quick bursts of news with links to full stories.

Journalism and blogging together is becoming popular day by day, more than any other form of blogging. Following reasons are considered to extensively contribute to its increasing popularity:

Creative Freedom

Part of a blog's allure is its unmediated quality. For a journalist, there's no luxury likerepparttar 124236 luxury of publishing unedited essay. The freedom in being able to present yourself precisely as you want to is of enormous joy. It does not matter how sloppily, irrationally or erraticallyrepparttar 124237 content is written. The idea is to publish what you think inrepparttar 124238 way you think.


To a few writers, even writing for a weekly magazine may seem like taking ages to print. With a Weblog, you hitrepparttar 124239 send key and it is out.

From Ezine to Expert

Written by Francine Silverman

You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long asrepparttar bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated.

From Ezine to Expert

By Francine Silverman

When my first guidebook, Catskills Alive, was published in 2000, I became interested in book promotion. I read everything I could get my hands on but found there was very little written on how to market books. Most ofrepparttar 124223 articles were on business marketing – products and services. So last March I decided to start a free on-line newsletter, suspecting that I’d found a niche. My hunch proved right. The ezine has grown from 10 subscribers to well over 1050 in nine months andrepparttar 124224 number continues to grow every day. Told that I could not expect advertisers until I reached 1000, I haven’t made much money so far. Even thoughrepparttar 124225 list has exceededrepparttar 124226 magic number,repparttar 124227 only advertisers have been subscribers and it’s been sporadic. But I am hoping that asrepparttar 124228 subscription list grows, so willrepparttar 124229 advertisers.

Profits aside,repparttar 124230 newsletter wasrepparttar 124231 best idea I have ever had. My subscribers look forward torepparttar 124232 bi-weekly ezine and my ego is constantly stroked with rave reviews. Moreover, subscribers view me as an expert on everything. One asked if I knew any publishers for his baseball book. Another thought that because I live in New York City I have an “in” inrepparttar 124233 publishing industry. Yet they do more for me than I do for them. Whenever I’ve written to them asking for help – in finding more subscribers or building my website – my mailbox has been flooded with offers of assistance.

A key to my newsletter’s success is that it’s interactive. I e-mail a Q&A to new subscribers and userepparttar 124234 best responses as fodder forrepparttar 124235 text. In this way, subscribers really writerepparttar 124236 newsletter and look forward to seeing their names and website addresses in print. I also answer every e-mail and userepparttar 124237 newsletter to accommodate subscribers who wish to promote their seminars or are seeking answers. I also honor those whose books have won awards.

If you have a business and want it to grow, a newsletter is repparttar 124238 answer. First and foremost, you must have a user-friendly website, which you can advertise in every issue. (Remember, it’s YOUR newsletter). As Tom Person wrote in “Starting a Newsletter,”, “nothing has come close to my website for drawing attention to my letter.”

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