Blogs And Your Work From Home Internet Business

Written by Tom Worsley

As a work from home internet business entrepreneur you have several really good tools onrepparttar internet you can take advantage of in order to build your work from home business. A blog is just one of those tools that you can use and should be taking advantage of.

In recent months blogs have become more and more popular all overrepparttar 131627 internet. A blog, or weblog, is a personal Web site updated frequently with links, commentary and anything else you like. People maintained blogs long beforerepparttar 131628 term was coined, butrepparttar 131629 trend gained momentum withrepparttar 131630 introduction of automated published systems, most notably Blogger. ( ) At Thousands of people use services such as Blogger to simplify and acceleraterepparttar 131631 publishing process. This makes it very simple to create several 100 pages within a site all withrepparttar 131632 same look and feel but with different content. This of coarse is exactly whatrepparttar 131633 major search engines are looking for.

There are several reasons why a work from home internet business entrepreneur like my self would use blogs in their arsenal of marketing tools. The number one reason for me is to gain better search engine exposure. I have several blogs already started. Two are merely work from home business article databases. Every time I write a new article or find a good one someone else wrote, I submit it into my blog which crates a new page in my site. The search engines will find and spider this new page. I also have a work from home tips blog which I try to post several good tips to each week. This is all great content for my work from home internet business web site that my visitors will hopefully want to read.

Booming coding community offers unique niche, member rewards

Written by Jacob Melovitch, a new programming community that has amassed 13,000+ unique posts in just over four months, announced today that it has begun a unique contest that remains unmatched by other websites.

The site (, which launched in late August, was designed to offer young entrepreneurs and programmers a chance to develop their skills and ask questions in a controlled, youth friendly environment, according torepparttar sites owner and founder Frederick Coleman.

In recent weeks,repparttar 131624 site has featured eight administration sponsored contests, and has given away a grand total of over $250 in prizes.

The new contest, which officially begins January 5th, and ends one month later, will reward active members ofrepparttar 131625 community with free hosting and domain names.

"I wanted to give something torepparttar 131626 community forrepparttar 131627 New Year," said Coleman. "We’ll be giving away hosting and domain names, so hopefully it will get some of our members started in this great industry."

The forum currently caters to youth interested in server-side and client-side programming, software programming, web hosting, graphic design, and computer security.

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