Blogging for Profit Using AdSense

Written by Chris Rivers

This article is designed to teach you how to profit from blogging, writing to a website inrepparttar form of regular posts, without spending anything. The keys to this idea lie in two of Google’s programs, and AdSense.

The first obvious step is to find a niche. While it is possible to have a general interest blog, it may not be as profitable as targeting a specific subject (click here to readrepparttar 143179 logic behind targeted advertising).

Once you settled on a subject you like, its time to set up your blog. is great for beginners. Not only is it free (and free of ads, unlike most free hosting services), it has integrated support for AdSense (more on this later). For now, pick a suitable but catchy name and choose one ofrepparttar 143180 pre-made designs.

Of course, now you have to start making posts to your blog. There are two main types of posts. The most common type of content on blogs seems to be commentary plus a link torepparttar 143181 actual news source or website of interest. Then there are original content posts which will have others link to you (much like you do in your commentary posts). Either way, make sure its interesting to have readers coming back.

Now its time to apply for Google’s AdSense program. AdSense is a pay per click program which matches ads torepparttar 143182 content of your page. Every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of these links, you receive a small amount of revenue (the minimum advertisers can bid for a link is $0.05, of which you receive a percentage. Many phrases can have bids as high as several dollars per click).

Left Alone in Stupidity

Written by Virginia Sanders

I watched with envy as my best friend and her husband movedrepparttar last article of furniture out of their cramped apartment ontorepparttar 143045 moving truck. My smile was as fake asrepparttar 143046 fur jacket Pam gave me for Christmas.

I could not understand how she and her husband were able to afford a $500,000 new house while I was barely payingrepparttar 143047 $950.00 rent in my 2br-2ba apartment. I mean they had mentioned investments and an adjustable rate mortgage but I wasn’t paying attention. Who makes investments while living in an apartment complex.

I remember when it all started. Matt, my best friend’s husband purchased a book called “Missed Fortunes” by Douglas Andrews. The book talked about usingrepparttar 143048 equity in your home to become wealthy. I didn’t have a mortgage. The book was big so I put it down within minutes of Matt giving me a copy.

Matt, however, readrepparttar 143049 book day and night, on his breaks at work, at lunch and inrepparttar 143050 evening. Then he bought another book by Robert Kiosaki and startedrepparttar 143051 reading all over again telling me I needed to get a home-based business to decrease my tax liability and make money. Oh no, not that MLM thing, I thought. Overrepparttar 143052 next few months, I watched them smiling, planning running their business overrepparttar 143053 Internet.

I hated Pam today as much as I did when she went to weight-watchers without me and lost 30 lbs (of ugly fat). Can you believe that? I was really jealous. When their business started making a little money, Pam did not want to go shopping atrepparttar 143054 mall anymore. Pam told me she was usingrepparttar 143055 money to form a LLC with some other friends they had met at a business seminar.

“Other friends?” I asked her in my most pitiful tone, “I thought I was your best friend”. “You are, Gina, she said but these are business partners, we are going to buy property together.

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