Blogging for Profit

Written by Bibi Liew

I recommended that you get a Blog and link back and forth to your website. Combining a blog and a website is an effective way of generating traffic.

What is a Blog? A Blog, or a Web Log, is an online diary where you can post your thoughts and keep it as a private journal or you can place it where your readers can get together and place entries.

When blog first came, it was adopted by teenagers and later by adults to write about their daily lives. Then writers and journalist enteredrepparttar blog world writing about books and investigative reports. But, there's a few people invented "Business Blog".

Suddenly blogs started appearing on business websites all overrepparttar 151202 Internet after people discover search engine like Google and Yahoo were displaying blogs. The impact was huge.

As a result, people starting creating blogs hopping to get more prospective customers to visit their websites.

User Friendly - Blogs are easy to update and are automatically formatted as you upload them. The easiest way to get started is to create a free account in Blogger is part of Google and it offer dozens of templates which you can customize by changing layouts and colors. It allows you to publish your blog withoutrepparttar 151203 need to know about HTML or FrontPage and FTP etc... All you need to do is write your own content.

Create Discussions & Write Honest Reviews - Having your own business blog allows you to create discussion aboutrepparttar 151204 program or products that you are selling and list any updates to your regular website. You need to know your products and preferable use it yourself so that you can write honest review about it. What better way to promote a product and get people to believe it's great than to say you use it too? In other words, it enables you to interact with your prospects. Blogs have a comment function which allows your customers and prospects to post their thoughts and opinions. As a result, your potential customers will have more trust and confidence in your products or services.

Niche Marketing : Finding JV Partners

Written by André Anthony

Joint Ventures (JVs) are one ofrepparttar most powerfull techniques you can employ to get your Niche Business up and running.

If they are done right Joint Ventures can help you start making money almost immediately online.

If you're not sure what a joint venture is, let me explain - here's how it works in very simplistic form :

* A has a product which he wants to get torepparttar 151169 market

* B has a list which targets justrepparttar 151170 right market for A's product

* A finds B and sets up a Joint Venture with B

* B promotes A's product to his list

* A and B both sharerepparttar 151171 profits from sales ofrepparttar 151172 product

It's a total win/win arrangement for them both.

But where do you findrepparttar 151173 people to JV with?

Identifying potential Joint Venture (JV) partners for your Niche Business is relatively easy online as there are so many places to locate them. Here's a few examples :

* keyword search on major search engines e.g. Google

* e-zine directories e.g. The Directory of Ezines

* business directories e.g.

* topic organized directories e.g.

To dorepparttar 151174 job properly you need to take an organised and structured approach to finding your potential JV partners. Set aside a specific amount of time each day to seek them out. Collect as much information as you can on them and collate it in a spreadsheet. The sort of information you should collect is:

* Contact information - name, email, telephone etc.

* Web site URL

* A brief description of their web site

Once you've collected a decent sized list, it's time to make contact.

>> Contacting Potential JV Partners <<

As you go through your data, you'll see that some sites contain detailed contact information, including a phone number, while others only post their email address.

You should make contact first by phone whenever possible. Not only does this approach show your sincerity, it will cut back onrepparttar 151175 time you spend waiting forrepparttar 151176 business owner to wade through all of their emails and respond to yours.

Your first phone call should be direct and personal. Make sure you have your target's website open in your browser to view as you speak to him. Your introduction should be something like this:

"Hi, this is John Doe, owner of Do you have a few moments? I'm looking at your site,, and really like what I see. It looks like our businesses have a lot in common. I think my customers would love your product, and yours might be interested in mine as well. Would you be willing to considerrepparttar 151177 possibility of teaming up to create a special offer for your customers?"

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