Blogging can run your entire web site

Written by Graham Jones

Blogging is a term that means different things to different people. To some people it means keeping an online journal. To others blogging is about creating a community of people who can contribute to a growing discussion on a specific topic. To me, however, blogging is about creating and running an entire web site. That's because blogging can actually be used as a complete content management system for almost any web site.

There are several reasons why you should consider using blog pages to run your entire web site. These include:

* You can make changes to your web site content withoutrepparttar need for specialist software

* You can make changes to your content from anywhere you can accessrepparttar 142759 web; you don't need to be at your PC.

* You can make changes to content quickly more quickly than with software.

* You can make changes to content without incurring cost unlike using a web design agency.

* You can use blogs to create content with colleagues, working as a team something that's more difficult and more costly with software.

All of these benefits can be obtained free of charge using to run your pages. To use as a content management system, takerepparttar 142760 following steps:

Blogging on Ecademy will boost your web site

Written by Graham Jones

For many people blogging isrepparttar way in which they are able to update their web site with new information and fresh content. As such, blogs are a great way of gaining returning visitors to your web site.

However, there are other places you can post blog entries which can also affectrepparttar 142758 popularity of your web site. One such place is

Ecademy isrepparttar 142759 world's largest online network of people in business. Once you sign up as a member you get access torepparttar 142760 blogging system within Ecademy. This allows you to post entries torepparttar 142761 Ecademy blog. You can post anything, as long as it is not an advertisement.

However and here'srepparttar 142762 important part if your blog entry on Ecademy includes a link back to your own web site you will benefit. That's because Ecademy is one ofrepparttar 142763 world's most frequently updated web sites; it changes every minute. As a result it is adored byrepparttar 142764 search engines who re-index Ecademy several times a day in some instances.

This means if you post a blog entry on Ecademy, include in it some keywords related to your site and have a link to your site in your signature, you will be indexed byrepparttar 142765 likes of Google. Once your link is seen within Ecademy you get a bonus benefit. Not only is your link followed through byrepparttar 142766 search engines, but because your link is on a high profile site, your site is seen more favourably.

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