Blogging can improve your search engine ranking

Written by Graham Jones

Search engines are after one thing providing their users withrepparttar most relevant and up to date information to matchrepparttar 142757 search term that was used. Search engine results are no good to users whenrepparttar 142758 information doesn't relate torepparttar 142759 search term. Nor arerepparttar 142760 results any good if they are old. People expectrepparttar 142761 most up to date, fresh information that is relevant to them.

That's why search engines love sites which are highly focused on a specific subject and which have regularly updated content. If you add material to your web site every day, you will get noticed byrepparttar 142762 search engines. Ifrepparttar 142763 information you add to your web site is directly centred onrepparttar 142764 precise focus of your site, allrepparttar 142765 better as far asrepparttar 142766 search engines are concerned.

That's why blogging can improve your search engine ranking. Blogging allows you to add content quickly and easily to your web site. However, you need to ensure two things:

1. The blog must be hosted at your domain not at or any other ofrepparttar 142767 blogging hosts.

2. The blog must contain relevant content and links which are well withinrepparttar 142768 focus of your site.

Are You a Blogger?

Written by MikeC

What is a Blog? Glad you asked!

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# A short form for weblog, a personal journal published onrepparttar Web. Blogs frequently include philosophical reflections, opinions onrepparttar 142690 Internet and social issues, and provide a "log" ofrepparttar 142691 author's favorite web links. Blogs are usually presented in journal style with a new entry each day.

# A public web site where users post informal journals of their thoughts, comments, and philosophies, updated frequently and normally reflectingrepparttar 142692 views ofrepparttar 142693 blog's creator.

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