Blog Search Engine Increases Searches By 10% - Here's How!

Written by Loren Baker

The Blog Search Engine, a search engine for blog entry results, has recently announced that it has increased blog searches by over 10% withrepparttar implementation of a new Blog Search Toolbar powered by EffectiveBrand. Search toolbars allow users to employ search engines from within their browsers without going torepparttar 128079 particular search sites themselves. However, many people do not want to perpetually use conglomerate search toolbars, such as Google or Yahoo, but would instead prefer to find news or stories related to their personal interests. Blog Search Engine has capitalized on this need by developing their Blog Search Toolbar.

Blog Search Engine says their Blog Search Toolbar has attributed to a jump in searches. “Using EffectiveBrand, we created our toolbar in less than 10 minutes, placed an image and link to download it on our site and then downloads started almost instantaneously,” said Loren Baker ofrepparttar 128080 Blog Search Engine. “Since distributing over 700 Blog Search toolbars to our users, we have seen an increase of over 10% in total searches, more traffic and branding, and an increase in overall revenue.”

With an increase of over 10% of searches done viarepparttar 128081 Blog Search Engine, this does not take into account searches done directly onrepparttar 128082 site afterrepparttar 128083 user has done their initial search usingrepparttar 128084 toolbar. With jumps in searches also come increased, loyal and repeating traffic, which can be something that is difficult to build online and usually is only done via email subscription services.

Generating a positive ROI from PPC

Written by Karl Norris

Appearing onrepparttar first page ofrepparttar 128078 major search engines for your key search terms is no doubtrepparttar 128079 best and cheapest way to drive relevant traffic to your site. However, if you’ve got a new site or are operating in a highly competitive sector where achieving decent rankings, pay per click advertising can also prove to be a cost effective way to generate visitors and customers.

So how do you go about generating a positive return from pay per click?

Keyword list –repparttar 128080 biggerrepparttar 128081 better Target specific keywords that relate to your products rather than bidding on very general terms. These are unlikely to prove cost effective, as you’ll be up against players with very deep pockets. Large keyword lists can be built by using two, three or four word search term phrases. Userepparttar 128082 search term suggestion tools below to generate a comprehensive list.

Use search term suggestion tools Not surprisingly,repparttar 128083 best search term suggestion tools are provided byrepparttar 128084 companies that offer pay per click advertising. I userepparttar 128085 suggestion tools offered by Google, Overture and Espotting. Merging these lists before submitting will ensure all keywords are submitted torepparttar 128086 providers you choose.

Listings for company name Don’t forget to bid on terms that include your company name and variations thereof. This is worthwhile for several reasons. It will ensure your site is in top position if someone does a search on your site name,repparttar 128087 keyword is likely to be available forrepparttar 128088 minimum bid, thus generating a good return on investment, and it prevents competitors from achieving listings above or next to your listing.

Bid on lower value search terms The search term suggestion tools rankrepparttar 128089 keywords onrepparttar 128090 number of searches they have received for them inrepparttar 128091 previous month. Always bid on those keywords that generate low levels of traffic, as they will often require a very low bid to ensure top position. Whilstrepparttar 128092 volume of traffic might be low, conversion is likely to be much higher than forrepparttar 128093 most popular phrases.

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