Blame It All On Rush Limbaugh.

Written by Larsen Rogers

For over a decade Liberal bashing has increased to such epidemic proportions that is should be considered racist. Ifrepparttar conservatives were criticizing and insulting Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, etc. their would be an outrage.

Well, itís time to fight back against those evil doers who want to shove their misguided and distorted beliefs down our throats. Feel free to make T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, etc. withrepparttar 125903 following slogans:

Liberty Blessed America

In Liberty We Trust

One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

Liberals believe in Liberty.

Conservatives believe in Control.

Liberals Love Everyone.

Conservatives Hate Everyone.

Whatísrepparttar 125904 difference between a Conservative and A Communist?

Polarize This!

Written by Ed Howes

Surelyrepparttar theme forrepparttar 125902 recent U.S. elections was polarization versus unity. According to Scripture, ďA double minded man is unstable in all his waysĒ. A nation of double minded people is unstable in all its ways. A nation where street crime is punished and high crime rewarded. Where corporate drug pushers sell stock, kill millions of people annually (no one knowsrepparttar 125903 actual numbers because drug poisoning appears as natural causes on a coronerís report, due torepparttar 125904 time span.) and street drug pushers are locked in cages for many years. A nation that virtually eats its young while pretending nothing is more important than their welfare. A nation which responds torepparttar 125905 mass murder of three thousand people by murdering and maiming hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions before they are done. A nation that pretends to economic and military might when it is economically, morally, politically and spiritually bankrupt. Polarized isrepparttar 125906 understatement of all time.

If one rotten apple spoilsrepparttar 125907 entire barrel,repparttar 125908 barrel of rotten apples has become unified; all applesrepparttar 125909 same because there was no discrimination betweenrepparttar 125910 spoiled andrepparttar 125911 healthy when polarization first began. America will reach unity when no good apples remain, so let us vote for rotten leaders who hold before usrepparttar 125912 great promise of unity. Let us become vinegar torepparttar 125913 world that we not be cast off as worthless. And why dorepparttar 125914 apple packers put good and rotten apples inrepparttar 125915 same barrel? Because they have been told all apples are equal and if they are not equal, they must be treated as though they are. That is their job.

The whole idea of equality is a trap. Nobody buys every product inrepparttar 125916 supermarket to avoid discriminating between products, but thatís what we do with government policy, local, state and national. We may protest one or another, but inrepparttar 125917 end, we buy whatever they are selling and shrug it off.

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