Blackout Blinds

Written by Garry John

Tired of waking every morning with a stripe of blinding sunlight across your eyes? Or perhaps you need a way to dimrepparttar lights inrepparttar 143023 baby’s room so he’ll nap, or in a conference room so that you can project a presentation on a screen. No matter why you need to blockrepparttar 143024 light from entering a room, you will needrepparttar 143025 right window blinds forrepparttar 143026 job.

If you’re looking for a window covering option that will block out nearly all available light from your rooms, your best option is blackout blinds. Blackout blinds are generally roller blinds – heavy fabric on a mechanical roller – with a few differences designed to eliminate as much available light as possible.

The first difference is inrepparttar 143027 construction ofrepparttar 143028 blind itself. Rather than rolling freely up and down over a roller that is attached atrepparttar 143029 top ofrepparttar 143030 window frame, blackout blinds are fitted into side channels attached torepparttar 143031 inside ofrepparttar 143032 frame to holdrepparttar 143033 blind close torepparttar 143034 glass and prevent light from entering alongrepparttar 143035 sides.

The fabric itself – or a special lightproof treatment – isrepparttar 143036 second difference. There is no one particular fabric that’s used universally. Different manufacturers swear by different combinations of acrylic, fiberglass, aluminum and other products to reduce light transmission and reflect heat away fromrepparttar 143037 window and out of your room.

Blackout blinds come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit almost any décor. The newest treatments don’t count on color to reduce light leakage. It’s all inrepparttar 143038 material of whichrepparttar 143039 blinds are made. You can choose colors, patterns and prints that coordinate with any decorating style,

Don't Just Clean, Decorate

Written by Joey Lewitin

Instead of cleaning, decorate

Trying to maintain both a beautiful interior, and a neat and organized home, can be a daunting endeavor. One ofrepparttar worst mistakes that you can make when planningrepparttar 143022 design of your residence is to arrange it in such a way that your decoration actually gets inrepparttar 143023 way of maintaining tidiness. Some set ups may lead torepparttar 143024 accumulation of messes, actually working againstrepparttar 143025 home maker. It is, however, possible to arrange your home in such a way that it will naturally lend itself to organization, and will makerepparttar 143026 job of home maintenance a little easier.

There are two kinds of messes that can mar your home; dirt, and clutter. Dirt, along with dust, grime, and mold arerepparttar 143027 sickly substances that attach to walls, collect under furniture, and stain windows. Dirt is something you want to completely eliminate. For this, you should always plan your home’s design around expeditingrepparttar 143028 cleaning process; makingrepparttar 143029 elimination of these unhealthy substances as easy as possible.

Clutter, onrepparttar 143030 other hand, is made up of items that you own, and is simply a result of them not being put in their proper place, or worse yet not having one. For this, your plan should be to develop a home with a flow in which objects will almost naturally end up in their proper places.


Maintaining organization isrepparttar 143031 key to a clutter free home. Some clutter is simply trash, and should be eliminated as swiftly as possible. This often includes old mail and outdated magazines. The easiest way to deterrepparttar 143032 build up of expired clutter is to integrate a trash can intorepparttar 143033 room’s décor. If it is a room that doesn’t lend itself to a trash bin, you can be creative with your receptacles. Almost anything from bright plastic containers, to elegant carved wooden chests can be used, especially if it will only be used for dry items. A good place to find fancy antique bins at a great price is a yard sale. Containers can be used as primary garbage cans, or can be used as a staging area where trash is deposited initially, and is then later transferred into a larger container.

Most clutter is made up of possessions that you want to keep. Generally your strategy should be to find a way to funnel these objects easily into a proper place. To do this you will first need to assess what your problem clutter is. These arerepparttar 143034 objects that constantly turn up inrepparttar 143035 wrong spots, creating that messy look. The type of clutter you have is usually determined byrepparttar 143036 room you in and what its purpose generally is.

Once you have assessedrepparttar 143037 problem objects, you need to develop a system of categories forrepparttar 143038 different kinds of clutter inrepparttar 143039 room. An easy way to do this is to dividerepparttar 143040 items based onrepparttar 143041 container where they will go. For instance, all paper goods go in drawer A, all plastic goods go on shelf B. Categorizing these objects in this way will greatly expediterepparttar 143042 cleaning process, whenever clutter builds up. Try to avoid being too specific; create broad categories that will be easy to remember and find. You can even try placing tasteful labels onrepparttar 143043 containers, in places where they can’t be seen such as inside of a drawer or onrepparttar 143044 back of a shelf.

The kind of container you use to store your items will be a major part of your decorative set up. Shelves are great for display items. They userepparttar 143045 height ofrepparttar 143046 room so they don’t take away from traffic flow, they allowrepparttar 143047 items on them to be displayed in a highly visible manner, they allow you to categorize items based onrepparttar 143048 different shelves, and their height protectsrepparttar 143049 higher-up objects from children. Drawers are perfect places for useful items with little decorative value. Cabinets work for temporarily displaying items. Openingrepparttar 143050 door will reveal your beautiful collections, creating an almost instant transformation in your room.

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