Black Roses - Fact or Fiction

Written by Ken Austin

Throughoutrepparttar course of time, black roses have conjured up a variety of symbolic meanings. From unnatural worlds to death, vengeance, farewell or rebirth,repparttar 113342 black rose has come to be viewed in a number of different ways depending onrepparttar 113343 occasion.

Though symbolic meanings may differ,repparttar 113344 interesting truth is that black roses do not even exist. What many believe to be black roses are actually dark-red colored roses, which have such a deep color that they appear to be black. Perhaps someday not too far inrepparttar 113345 future a black rose will exist as many inrepparttar 113346 field are working withrepparttar 113347 myriad of rose varieties and colors to come up withrepparttar 113348 coveted black formula.

Inrepparttar 113349 meantime, there are quite a few roses come which come close. Here are a couple ofrepparttar 113350 more well-known varieties of "black roses" gardened in different climates all overrepparttar 113351 world:

Black Magic

Dealing With Rose Bushes

Written by Ken Austin

Roses are classified according torepparttar way they grow. One ofrepparttar 113341 predominant ways is in bushes. Rose bushes are self-supporting and grow their flowers mainly atrepparttar 113342 top ofrepparttar 113343 plant. They can be as small as just a few inches and as tall as up to 6 feet. There is every possibility that your rose bushes can be as radiant asrepparttar 113344 sun, givenrepparttar 113345 right care.

Several types of rose bushes include:


A mix ofrepparttar 113346 Hybrid Tea and Polyantha, this bush with clusters of flowers is ideal for growing a rose bed. Floribunda roses were introduced torepparttar 113347 mass public by Jackson & Perkins duringrepparttar 113348 1939 World's Fair in New York. They have gained in popularity due in part torepparttar 113349 fact that they are easier to cultivate and more disease resistant that Hybrid Teas.


Characterized by tall stems holding clusters of flowers, this rose bush is a cross betweenrepparttar 113350 Floribunda and Hybrid Tea.

Hybrid Tea

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