Black Hole Lists

Written by Richard Lowe

When you send an email acrossrepparttar internet, you must first log into your ISP's email system. Generally, you setrepparttar 109635 login information (username and password) in some setup screen, then quickly forget about it. However, behindrepparttar 109636 scenes your username and password are used to log in each and every time you send email.

Whenrepparttar 109637 email system receives your message it opens a connection torepparttar 109638 recipient email system and deliversrepparttar 109639 message. This isrepparttar 109640 way email normally works, at least on properly configured email systems.

Unfortunately, many emails systems are not properly configured (or have older, buggy software). These systems have becomerepparttar 109641 bane ofrepparttar 109642 internet and are one ofrepparttar 109643 primary reasons that spam is so hard to fight.

These email servers are known as open relays. You see, email systems also haverepparttar 109644 ability to send messages to one another. This is known as relaying. Inrepparttar 109645 good old days ofrepparttar 109646 internet, back when it was a small network of universities and military installations, spam was not a significant issue. During those innocent times, there was little security because there were not many offenders. Thus, email systems did not protect themselves very well.

What is there to protect against? Spammers use open relay systems to hide their identity. What happens is simple. A spammer sends messages using one of these open relay systems and bypassesrepparttar 109647 normal security. The spammer is basically hijackingrepparttar 109648 email server to do his dirty work for him.

You see, email messages are actually enclosed in an electronic envelope which identifies whererepparttar 109649 message came from. So if a spammer sends a message through his own ISP's email server, then it could be tracked back to him because he has an account on that server.

However, if he hijacks an open relay, he can send all ofrepparttar 109650 messages that he wants without worrying about being tracked. The email message identifiesrepparttar 109651 open relay asrepparttar 109652 system whererepparttar 109653 email came from; however,repparttar 109654 spammer is not a legitimate user. The open relay does not (unless it goes to great lengths) have a clue whererepparttar 109655 messages came from.

A spammer must rub his hands together in glee when he finds one of these systems. I can just imaginerepparttar 109656 evil laugh asrepparttar 109657 spammer pressesrepparttar 109658 return key to send literally hundreds of thousands or even millions of messages throughrepparttar 109659 open relay system.

This cannot happen on a properly configured, secured and patched email server.

Open relays are a big problem, and to combat that problem a number of services have appeared. These are called Blackhole Lists, and what they do is simply list all ofrepparttar 109660 open relays that they know about. ISPs and others can subscribe to these lists and use them to block email messages.

11 Creative Ways You Can Use Autoresponders

Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

1. Pick 4 or more articles you've written that have a common theme and put them in an autoresponder series. Announce it on your site as an e-mail course onrepparttar go.

2. If you have a page for related links, create a related links file and put it on autoresponder. This can be a one-page e-mail containing 15-50 links that are of interest to your visitors. Put your own promotional texts or blurbs atrepparttar 109634 top, middle and bottom ofrepparttar 109635 e-mail.

3. Create a fun or trivia quiz, put it up on your site and put repparttar 109636 answers in an autoresponder that your visitors can request. This way, you'll knowrepparttar 109637 people who took your quiz.

4. Write reviews of books, music, e-books, sites, software or anything you can think of and put each review (or related reviews) in an autoresponder. If what you are reviewing have affiliate programs, use your affiliate links inrepparttar 109638 autoresponder.

5. Run a contest on your site or e-zine, then have your visitors or subscribers send their responses to your autoresponder. This way, you won't have to worry about manually sending them a confirmation receipt.

6. Create a frequently updated autoresponder and let your visitors and/or subscribers know about it. You can put in weekly tips or links to useful resources inrepparttar 109639 autoresponder and a reminder torepparttar 109640 people who request it that you update it every week or on a regular basis (e.g. tell them to request forrepparttar 109641 same autoresponder again a week from now). You can use this method instead of using autoresponders with limited follow up messages.

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