Black Belts And Good Wine

Written by Peter Vermeeren

A few days ago I was sitting at my terrace with some friends talking aboutrepparttar warrior ways whilst having a glass of wine. I like to have a good glass of wine now and then and especially when it is a Spanish red wine.

I was looking atrepparttar 146799 colour ofrepparttar 146800 wine inrepparttar 146801 glass and appreciatingrepparttar 146802 different aromas of it.

I realized that black belts instructors are much like wine and most students are likerepparttar 146803 common guy who takes a glass of wine now and then.

In my opinion a first dan (shodan) isrepparttar 146804 same as a young wine, from a very recent year without time to mature in old oak barrels. Itís flavour is nice, light and easy to drink. It is a good wine to start with when you donít have a clue about wines. It will not give you a headache and a limited number of glasses wonít make you drunk.

The same thing goes forrepparttar 146805 1st dan instructor. Itís a good technical instructor, easy to learn from and a great start when you take up your martial arts study.

This instructor will need time inrepparttar 146806 old oak barrels to mature but he will as his training continues and he keeps going onrepparttar 146807 path that leads to master ship. The only thing that could get in his way is his own ego. The moment he thinks he is a great wine; he stops learning and steps out ofrepparttar 146808 oak barrel. A good instructor as well as a great wine needs time, lots of time and patience.

As instructors we first of all need to be like an outstanding grape, ready to be moulded into a fine wine. Next we will need an outstanding dojo with a great sensei who can turn us in a young wine , but this instructor has to haverepparttar 146809 expertise ofrepparttar 146810 master wine maker to take us torepparttar 146811 level of a GRAN RESERVA. To accomplish this he needs us to give all we have and more. Not only 95% of our dedication is needed but 105%. Only this way he can get allrepparttar 146812 flavours out ofrepparttar 146813 wine.

But you must remember that time is needed. You can takerepparttar 146814 best machines,repparttar 146815 best grapes andrepparttar 146816 best wine maker, ifrepparttar 146817 young wine doesnít want to go intorepparttar 146818 barrels they will never become a GRAN RESERVA.

Spanish wine comes in different classifications. We haverepparttar 146819 young wine which is classified as DENOMINACI”N DE ORIGEN which guaranties itís origin, one level up isrepparttar 146820 CRIANZA, a wine that already has had some time inrepparttar 146821 barrel, a RESERVA which is a ďmaster level wineĒ and finally a GRAN RESERVA which is top ofrepparttar 146822 bill.

The Reality Factor

Written by Peter Vermeeren

Looking around at different martial arts andrepparttar practitioners there is one thing that surprises me very time. Many, may people don't have an R-factor in their training and techniques

You see people who get almost punched in their face and they just stay standing up with a big smile on their face. Others get almost kicked inrepparttar 146798 groin and keep moving on as if nothing happened and their "parts" were made of steel. Even worse are those who tell you to go withrepparttar 146799 flow...???

all these people a lacking an important part in their training:repparttar 146800 reality OR reality factor (R-factor)

If you get hit inrepparttar 146801 face you won't be laughing, your head will be propelled back or sideways, you will lose balance because your body follows your head. The kick inrepparttar 146802 groin will make you think your stomach wants to come out andrepparttar 146803 floor will be very close by. Those who practice"flow jutsu" are rather hilarious. Who to make a street fighter to go with your flow. Will you tell him who to catch you, hit you or how to roll? Oh and tell him also he can't resist because if he resists your Ki can't flow.

These are only a few examples but take a look around. You will be surprised how many people are lackingrepparttar 146804 r-factor. no matter what martial art they practice Even high ranked practitioners often make these mistakes on seminars you can see them teaching elaborate techniques of 10 different combinations who lack every sense of reality. They will give you some explanation like this one: "First you block his attack, you kick him inrepparttar 146805 groin, break his right at while you stick your finger in his eye, than you turn around, kick his right knee, enter onrepparttar 146806 opposite side , break his neck and throw him head down. subsequently you go and sit on top of him, pull his head back by grabbing his hear and applying a lock to his arm."

This looks very macho but not realistic. If you block and kick someone inrepparttar 146807 groin, thanrepparttar 146808 fight is over. He will go down so fast you can believe it. If you kick would missrepparttar 146809 target than you can break his arm as a secondary option.

There are really very few people willing to continue a fight with a broken arm. If this too misses I suggest you review your techniques and train more because there is something lacking in your execution ofrepparttar 146810 techniques orrepparttar 146811 martial art you practice.

A true fight doesn't take long, all is over and done with in just a few seconds. Give it 2 OR 3 seconds more between 2 equally experienced fighters who know how to counter and block but it's over before you know. The first one to make a mistake will loose.

The 2 things that have most influence onrepparttar 146812 R-factor arerepparttar 146813 teacher andrepparttar 146814 martial art. as a practitioner you must clearly distinguish between martial arts and martial sports. Martial sports are asrepparttar 146815 name already suggests a sport. Based on martial art but with rules, regulations, protection and competition.

The forefather of these sports, Martial arts has no rules , protection or competitions. Thereforerepparttar 146816 mind set, techniques and approach is different So ultimately their goals are also completely different. Whereasrepparttar 146817 sports oriented martial arts give their practitioners a chance to demonstrate themselves and their skills to others , martial artists onrepparttar 146818 other hand can only fight with themselves and every real confrontation with another person results in big damage for one ofrepparttar 146819 two or both. Martial arts are more realistic oriented than sports because of their different goals. So let's focus on them. Those who claim to be highly effective in true cases.

Be carefully with those martial things who claim to be martial arts (onrepparttar 146820 outside they look LIKE martial arts) but who surround themselves with a vail of mysticism and special powers. (these special powers may exist but they will be accompanied by a very special personality) Those martial things are easy to recognize : no intense physical training, a lot of talk about Ki, their masters and instructors hardly get involved in training, and you need many years of practice to develop these special mental powers. During these "many Years" you will be brainwashed and teaching this mystical martial art yourself to other people in order to makerepparttar 146821 NEXT generation of "flow-kas"

Until you meet reality onrepparttar 146822 street...

The other risk factor isrepparttar 146823 teacher. as a basic rule you can tell his R-factor by his Macho behavior. The more macho he acts,repparttar 146824 less R-factor he holds. His macho behavior will tell you all. Why is there a need FOR a teacher to act macho? Who does he have something o prove to? What does he need to prove? If his techniques are ANY good than they will speak FOR themselves, no need to prove this to people with no OR little experience. OR maybe he has to prove his poor students that he isrepparttar 146825 best? (Keep in mind that there is always someone better than you are) This points more to a weak character rather than a martial arts master

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