Biting & Nipping Behavior Can Kill Your Dog!

Written by Moses Chia

Dog bite injuries are alarminglyrepparttar most common condition that we human suffer from as a result of contact with dogs. Inrepparttar 144071 United States alone, there are between 1-2 million people bitten by dogs each year. Most bites landed on children with boys more likely to get bitten than girls. (guess boys are more mischievous!) Fortunately, most of these bites are not serious or life threatening and fewer than 5% become infected. However, with more dog bites receiving numerous bad press lately, more and more anti-dog legislation were introduced in United States. In some states, itís even illegal to own certain breeds! You must teach your dog never to allow him to bite anyone, including yourself! Your dog must not grab you at your hand in whatever situations including during play and training sessions. He should also never mouth or nip you when you are petting, grooming or trimming his nails. Be consistent in your correction and make doubly sure that every member inrepparttar 144072 family follows it. Itís not difficult to train young puppies not to use their teeth. Each time your puppy grab your clothes or skin, tell him in a deep firm tone, ďNo biteĒ, (use whatever you want to associate this correction with) and pull your puppy away from your hand. Correct his nipping behavior whenever he does it, irregardless of any events.

Dog Aggressive Training: Understand & Eliminate your dog's aggression behavior

Written by Moses Chia

Aggression behavior in a dog is a normal form of canine communication similar to human frustration or anger. Like human, aggressive behavior occurs in every dog. The different lie inrepparttar level of aggression shown in them, and this is where dog breeds come intorepparttar 144070 picture. While some breeds are born with a greater tendency to become aggressive, problems usually occur in homes that knowing or unknowingly encouragerepparttar 144071 development of a dogís aggressive behavior. Itís important to know what is going on when your dog show aggression, biting unwelcome strangers in your house is justifiable aggression. But if he bitesrepparttar 144072 postman or you when you push him offrepparttar 144073 couch is certainly a crime! There are basically 3 main types of aggression behavior shown in dogs namely, dominance aggression, possessive aggression and territorial aggression. Dominance and possessive aggression are one ofrepparttar 144074 most common reasons why dogs growl at or even worse bite their owners. This type of behavior does not develop in a vacuum and is always a result ofrepparttar 144075 dogsí interaction with its environment and owners. The dog has been accessing his position for some time and decided to challenge you forrepparttar 144076 alpha leader position. If your dog is showing aggressive behavior towards you or any family members, he has to be brought down to earth again. You must let him know that he isrepparttar 144077 lowest ranking member inrepparttar 144078 family: 1. Avoid physical punishment if possible, it is too provocative and may make matter worse. 2. Review your relationship with your dog to determine why your dog is challenging you. Do remedial steps to assume to role ofrepparttar 144079 alpha leader role again:

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