Bill Payment & Cellular Phone Service Providers. The Wave Of The Future For Merchant Retailers.

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Business Owners!

Increase Profits and Attract New Business

Were you aware that there are literally millions of US households that do not have a checking account. Millions of these households need your businesses to use this highly needed conveniently way to pay all of their monthly bills!. How many of these customers are yours? Now you can offer them an option...Bill Payments & Cellular Services.

Options to pay any bill, to any biller, in any fashion. A nationwide network Bill Payment Services.

Start generating revenue by offering your customers a service that "closesrepparttar loop" on Electronic Bill Payment & Cellular Phone Service.

Convenience, Saves Time and Saves Money For Your Customers

Millions of Americans adults don't have a checking account, 25%-35% of all bills are paid by walk-in customers. You can make it easy for your customers to pay their bills, people who have limited transportation, prefer paying in cash, want to make late payment, don't trustrepparttar 133341 mail or want a receipt by Bill Payment Service, a Federally established owned service.

There is no longer a need for customers to purchase money orders, then mail, or go to each biller location, customer bill payments is processed electronically in your place of business, no money orders, no stamps, no envelopes, no gas expense, with no loss time taken off from work.

The Pay All Bill Payment Service will provide a competitive advantage for all types of businesses. The Bill Payment Services will attract new customers, along with establishing repeat customers for your business, plus customers will purchase other goods and services while visiting your place to pay all of there household bill payments, we can't emphasize this enough, this bill payment service system will help your businesses in so many other great ways with goods and services you retail presently.

This service is a great traffic builder, encouraging your customers to come back month after month. Getting customers into your stores to pay all there bills is going to become more and more simple, once customers get used to, and know they can pay all billers their, It will become a habit!. Bill Payment Solutions that shares a common vision with you about how your business can win in your market. This will be exciting of your business becoming need-fillers for your customers,repparttar 133342 new emerging innovating Bill Payment Service, Cellular Service Providers concept.

Bill Payment Services. The Wave Of The Future!. SMART Solutions.

Electronic Distribution

How Electronic Distribution Works

The Problems of Distributing Prepaid Services with Hard (Scratch) Cards


One ofrepparttar 133343 most significant developments inrepparttar 133344 prepaid telecom industry inrepparttar 133345 last few years has beenrepparttar 133346 emergence of electronic distribution technologies, such as Prepaid Wireless Direct point-of-sale activaton (POSA) will completely reconstructrepparttar 133347 way in which prepaid services are sold.

How Electronic Distribution Works

Prepaid Wireless Direct electronic distribution systems enable any prepaid sevice to electronically transmit their services to virtually any retail location. Prepaid Wireless Direct provides an integrated POSA solution comprised of flexible and compact point-of-sale terminal equipment, proprietary software, transactional communications, protocols, and professional services to assist retailers with implementation.

Once inrepparttar 133348 retail environment, consumers simply select a product from point-of sale signage or displays and makerepparttar 133349 approprate payment torepparttar 133350 clerk who then inserts a wallet-sized thermal card intorepparttar 133351 POSA terminal. After pushing a few key corresponding torepparttar 133352 desired product, terminal prints a prepaid PIN along with usage instruction onrepparttar 133353 card. Prepaid Wireless Direct also supports PIN-less delivery wherebyrepparttar 133354 terminal makes a real-time connection service provider. A credit is instantly issued torepparttar 133355 customer's account. Within moments of purchase, customers can use services.

The types of retail environments that are beginning to switch to electronic delivery include wireless shops, supermarkets, conveience stores, check cashers, food marts, university shops, electronics stores, hotels and many more.

The Problems of Distributing Prepaid Services with Hard (Scratch) Cards

Prepaid Wireless Direct has developed electronic distribution services to addressrepparttar 133356 many problems of distributing prepaid mobile and other prepaid services through hard cards. Hard cards are also known as scratch cards becauserepparttar 133357 customer scratches a panel onrepparttar 133358 back ofrepparttar 133359 card to reveal a PIN or other secret code.

The current and traditional distribution methodology of most prepaid services involvesrepparttar 133360 prepaid services involvesrepparttar 133361 provider printing scratch cards, warehousing them and fulfilling orders to distributors. The distributors purchase large quantities for providers, warehouse them and fulfill retail orders. And retailers purchaserepparttar 133362 cards from distributors, managerepparttar 133363 inventory and sellrepparttar 133364 cards to consumers.

Each participant inrepparttar 133365 distribution chain encounters problems with scratch cards.

Retailer Problems. Under today's traditional hard card distribution format, most retailers struggle on several fronts to offer prepaid products

Retailer have a difficult time carryingrepparttar 133366 inventory costs of prepaid services. The recent growth and popularity of prepaid wireless intensifiesrepparttar 133367 problem. With prepiad mobile, airtime denominations are much more expensiverepparttar 133368 phone cards that most retailers are familiar with. It's common for one prepaid wireless provider to offer 5 or more different airtime denominations that range in price form $20 to $150 each. To make things worse, prepaid wireless airtime is carrier specific, meaning that Verizon prepaid wireless customers cannot top up (recharge or replenish) their accounts with AT&T, Cingular or any other providers's airtime, and vice versa. This makes it critical for retailers to carry airtime for all ofrepparttar 133369 popular national and regional prepaid wireless carriers or operators in their area, something that retailers didn't have to worry about with phone cards. Today there is an average of six major carriers or operators offering prepaid wireless in each ofrepparttar 133370 top 20 U.S. markets. Trying to inventory product for all six could mean that prepaid wireless alone could account for as much as 25 percent of a conveience stores total in-store inventory costs. Many retailers simple cannot affordrepparttar 133371 cash outlay required to successfully sell prepaid wireless services.

Mobile Railway Wheels Turning Device

Written by Alexander Avdenja

The mobile device is designed for rail transport, for wheels of locomotives, motor and freight wagons, in particular, it can be used for elimination of some wheel defects, which appear while in service.

A device is known, which, for elimination of rolling stock wheel defects during depot maintenance requires rolling out wheelset from underrepparttar wagon withrepparttar 133340 help of wheel-lifting devices.

In this case each wheel is turned separately on a stationary machine.

The offered device for elimination of wheel defects appearing while in operation, does not require rolling out wheelsets from underrepparttar 133341 rolling stock,repparttar 133342 wheelset is turned simultaneously.

This device can be used everywhere, where an asphalt or concrete lot is available atrepparttar 133343 level of railhead, and for turning of locomotive wheels an additional pit track is required.

The assignment ofrepparttar 133344 device applied for is to extend wheel service time, reducing rolling stock maintenance time.

Technical result ofrepparttar 133345 assignment is - elimination of wheel defects (sharp flange, reduced flange in case of wear and resurfacing).

For this end for turning wheels of a locomotive with power traction motor, a support is set underrepparttar 133346 wheel being turned.

The wheelset preliminary should be lifted and leveled againstrepparttar 133347 railhead by 15-25 mm with help of hydraulic jacks of 30t lifting capacity.

One ofrepparttar 133348 jacks is placed onrepparttar 133349 support body and serves for its fixation againstrepparttar 133350 wheel turned.

60 V DC from a power supply is applied torepparttar 133351 terminals ofrepparttar 133352 traction motor ofrepparttar 133353 wheelset turned.

After energizingrepparttar 133354 wheelset starts to rotate atrepparttar 133355 rate 200-240 r/min.

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