Bill Paying Adding To Your Prosperity Feeling

Written by Judi Singleton

When I used to sit down to pay my bills I used to have a feeling of being overwhelmed. I dreaded paying bills each month. I always felt like there never was enough and according torepparttar law of attraction guess what there never was enough. But that has all changed for me. I did a lot praying around this issue and this time ofrepparttar 138123 month andrepparttar 138124 prayers were answered. Now first of all I set up most of my bills to be paid online so it is a very quick process. It used to take me all day to pay my bills now I am likerepparttar 138125 lady onrepparttar 138126 TV ads I just go click, click and they are paid. This opens up a lot of time for me. It also frees me from hours of crying over not having enough money to pay my bills. I also made a budget now that is not a negative thing. A budget can just be a framework to see where you are so you can see where you want to go. I bought a program that showed me how to pay off all my bills in five to seven years including my house that excites me and gives me a goal. I also got some counseling along with this program I bought and my counselor said, "Why do you want to be debt free." Now I had not thought that one out and atrepparttar 138127 time I could only say to him that I wantedrepparttar 138128 freedom of not owing anyone. But he got me thinking, what was I going to do with this freedom. Well, for one thing I want to be able to live anywhere I want to withoutrepparttar 138129 strings of having to stay in one place. I want to build an income so I can work from home and not have to be tied to a job. What has all this got to do with bill paying. Well, it gave me a whole new attitude about bill paying. I am excited now because I have a plan. I have a long term goal. So bill paying is a joy not a pain. It is quick, it getting me to my long term goals, and I am excited about my goals and paying my bills. I also found some wonderful spiritual tools to help lightenrepparttar 138130 load of bill paying. I am now grateful that all these people who I owe have trusted me enough to extend me credit and furnish allrepparttar 138131 wonderful things that I have including my home in advance to my paying them for it. I write on each bill as it comes in this bill is now paid in full in God's own wonderful way. I just write it onrepparttar 138132 outside ofrepparttar 138133 envelope. Expectation is everything when I expectrepparttar 138134 bills to be paid they are paid. It is so grand. When I write my checks I seerepparttar 138135 money flowing out from my account and coming back to me ten fold. Energy is meant to flow. I believe as I give so I will receive and I am paying my bills andrepparttar 138136 money is flowing back to me ten fold. There is always enough money to not only pay my bills but to spare and to share.

An Inspirational Poster Can Really Help!

Written by Rosana Hart

An inspirational poster can really inspire us!

Its benefits to us are based on scientific principles of how our minds work. Almost every inspirational poster has both images and words. Once in a while, one may just have words, but when that happens,repparttar words are usually done in a very artistic way.

Different parts of our minds respond to words and to images: generally,repparttar 138045 left side ofrepparttar 138046 brain is more logical and word-oriented, whilerepparttar 138047 right side ofrepparttar 138048 brain is more global and image-oriented. So an inspirational poster can easily speak to us in two different ways.

Another principle that allows inspirational posters to help us is that of repetition. The more we are exposed to something,repparttar 138049 more it can affect us. Advertising works on this principle, but here we're talking about how we can use posters to help ourselves. When you get a new poster, at first you may stop and look at it a lot, but over time you become more accustomed to it and probably pay less attention to it. But even when you walk by it and glance at it with your mind totally on other things,repparttar 138050 message ofrepparttar 138051 inspirational poster is registering in your mind.

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