Bill Gates and Internet Explorer 7

Written by Jeff Wyrick

Bill Gates and Internet Explorer 7

Bill Gates atrepparttar RSA 2005 Keynote announced that this summer we would see a beta version of a new completely rewritten Internet Explorer. What made Bill andrepparttar 141505 whole Microsoft family to decide to build a new version of IE before Longhorn? What features and security improvements are we going to see you may ask. Below I outline some ofrepparttar 141506 new things I know of today that will be available in IE7.

Does Microsoft have a vision of havingrepparttar 141507 world’s most popular browser still? Yes and so that’s why we are seeing a new version even before Longhorn is to be released. This new version will be on top of Firefox 1.0 and will be better then Firefox ifrepparttar 141508 Mozilla Foundation does not stay ahead of features and what not

So what kind of new features are we seeing in this new version of Internet Explorer? • Full CSS2 Support • Tabbed Browsing • Anti-Fishing Technologies • Full PNG24 Support including Alpha Transparency • Improved security on top of Windows XP SP2 Security Improvements

Bill said we are not releasing IE7 until Longhorn comes out

Yep he did say that but when you look at IE’s market share Bill said “Oh My IE is dropping more then I thought”. Atrepparttar 141509 RSA 2005 Keynote Bill thought he would change his policy on Internet Explorer because like we all know IE6 is old, buggy, US Government even said not to use IE and allrepparttar 141510 complaining onrepparttar 141511 IE Team blog made Bill under pressure so that’s most likely why Bill said “We are changing our plans for IE7”.

Build your first computer from hardware scratches

Written by Andrew Karasev

Wow- if you do it first time and have some asset of time in your disposition – then go ahead and purchase motherboard, your favorite processor, memory, video card (probably it is better to purchase it external for advanced quality). You will also need computer case – first computer should probably go torepparttar cheap one – with USB 2 ports fromrepparttar 141483 front side –repparttar 141484 only question – you might want to replace noisy cheap power supply with $50 dollars one. Processor fan – nowadays you will seerepparttar 141485 variety for allrepparttar 141486 tastes – getrepparttar 141487 one with adjustable spinning speed to regulate noise (if you could not place it intorepparttar 141488 basement of your house – I guess you live in apartment or student dormitory). Let’s go to details: •Ahead of Generation. It is not a secret that when you build your own computer – you might overpay – in considering to what is available inrepparttar 141489 stores.. However you usually get ahead of technology. For example – it is still common when Dell/Compaq/IBM computers use PC2700 standard of memory. If you bought PC3200 – you have two years of being ahead ofrepparttar 141490 competition •Processor. If you build your computer from scratches – you should look into 64-bits processor fromrepparttar 141491 beginning. Get AMD Athlon 64 3400+ at least

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