Bill Gates: Battle Plan

Written by Seven

In a recent issue of Time magazine, Microsoft's hard-hitting billionaire announced his battle plan for sparring with Sony inrepparttar next generation console wars ofrepparttar 148476 entertainment industry.

His weapon? The sequel to Bungie/Microsoft megahit, which has pulled in a staggering amount of sales, selling well over 6 million copies to date,repparttar 148477 space Epic that will hit shelves withrepparttar 148478 title:

Halo 3.

Bill Gates was positively glowing when he announced that Halo 3 was going to pose big problems for Sony andrepparttar 148479 rival system torepparttar 148480 XBOX 360,repparttar 148481 Playstation 3. Onrepparttar 148482 launch date forrepparttar 148483 PS3, Bill Gates plans to release Halo 3 onrepparttar 148484 raving masses, and he expects this to be a solid blow torepparttar 148485 Xbox's cheif competitor.

Motorcycle Tools that Keep you Going!

Written by Maricon Williams

Availability of valuable tools is a must. They say expectrepparttar unexpected, foreseerepparttar 148456 unforeseen. This isrepparttar 148457 reason why we have to be equipped withrepparttar 148458 right tools to keep us going. Absent these tools, we will incur delay, loss and experience frustration and anxiety.

If pen is to writers, gun to soldiers, hard hat to engineers, stethoscope to doctors, goods to vendees, lab to scientists, then motorcycle tools are to riders.

We know for a fact that anything can happen alongrepparttar 148459 way. Incidents and accidents are just humps away. In fact,repparttar 148460 twin consequence of driving is thrill and risk. Yes - you experience excitement with an air of ecstasy when you drive. However, there are possibilities of collision or instances when repair is necessary. Thus, when you go out for a ride, bring with yourepparttar 148461 tools that can keep you away from accidents and life-threatening incidents. Even ifrepparttar 148462 incident is not that grave, still, precaution must be taken into account.

Quality motorcycle tools are indispensable especially when a repair is needed. Moreover, it is advisable to bring a tool kit. Nowadays, it is not hard to look for a toolkit. A wide range of motorcycle parts and tools are available in stores. Tools like wrenches, handling plugs, nuts and bolts, screw drivers, impact driver, sockets, handles, pliers, bolts and also a rear work stand which are useful in repairing motorcycles is a need insiderepparttar 148463 tool box. These tools come in various kinds and sizes. Chooserepparttar 148464 most practical and useful tool for you so that in times of repairs, you will no longer freak out. Help maintain your own security and trend. Get yourself a purposeful tool kit with beneficial tools!

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