Big Site? Make the most of it on Google

Written by John Saxon

For many people a five or six page web site is all they need or want, but for others, selling services and products onrepparttar internet, a hundred page site is barely adequate – if you’re one of those companies then here are some tips on makingrepparttar 127993 most of your site on Google and other deep search engines.

One ofrepparttar 127994 sites we manage is 520 pages packed with content and informative articles. It has some 10 / 12 levels of pages in its structure and we became aware that Google only indexed 126 of those 520 pages, what was going on?

Maximising each page

We worked diligently withrepparttar 127995 web site owner to optimise each page, ensuring it had a unique and<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 127996"> page content was rich in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 127997"> KEYWORDS for that topic, for instance if you’re trying to get onto Google with ‘content management systems’ and<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 127998"> phrase ‘content management systems’ does not appear on<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 127999"> page in HTML text then you won’t hit<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128000"> top 1000!! Similarly if<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128001"> phrase ‘content management system’ appears lots you will still fail because Google sees ‘system’ and ‘systems’ as 2 totally separate words<p>Remember, each page has a <TITLE>, <BODY> <KEYWORDS>, <DESCRIPTION> and ALT TAGS if you, or<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128002"> designer has simply duplicated another page, as a template, in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128003"> design all your pages will have<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128004"> same attributes as far as<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128005"> spider is concerned.<p>Spider depth<p>Most spiders do not index below level 3 and therefore they do not find what may be very important pages at all. In addition we noticed with Google Page Ranking that<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128006"> Index Page was 5/10, a level 2 page on<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128007"> same site was 4/10 and a level 3 page was 3/10. Presumably pages beyond level 3 are considered so insignificant that<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 128008"> spider has been programmed to ignore them. <br><br></font></td><!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --><td align="top" width="10%"></td><td align="top" width="45%"><h2>Steal Traffic From Your Competitors</h2><font size="2">Written by Terence Tan</font><br><br><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "pub-5766870852072819"; google_ad_width = 234; google_ad_height = 60; google_ad_format = "234x60_as"; google_ad_channel ="9238851329"; google_color_border = "CFB9A1"; google_color_bg = "CFB9A1"; google_color_link = "000000"; google_color_url = "431B02"; google_color_text = "431B02"; //--></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> <br> <font size="2">This interesting idea is likely to drive your competitors nuts. It is published purely for its entertainment value. <p>Some might consider it unethical and even illegal so USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ( We take no responsibility for any conflict, legal or otherwise, that you may get into.) <p>Basically,<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar "> approach is to choose your most successful competing web sites, especially those that get top 10 listings in search engines, and to create doorway pages using their <br><br></font></td><!-- google_ad_section_end --></tr><tr><td>Cont'd on page 2 ==<a class="mlink" href="2-Big_Site_Make_the_most_of_it_on_Google-27993.htm">></a></td></tr></table><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "pub-5766870852072819"; google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_height = 90; google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; google_ad_channel ="8831454965"; google_color_border = "CFB9A1"; google_color_bg = "CFB9A1"; google_color_link = "000000"; google_color_url = "431B02"; google_color_text = "431B02"; //--></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> </td> </tr> </table> <table width="770" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td height="48" align="center" background="images/bg_nav_bottm.jpg"><span class="style3"> © 2005<br> <a href="terms.html" rel="nofollow">Terms of Use</a></span></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript"> var HASH_ESCAPED="%23"; function TrackIt(adUnit){ if (window.status) { var adDomain = escape(window.status.substring(6)); var pyPage = document.location.pathname; var params =; var hasAnchor = params.lastIndexOf(HASH_ESCAPED)!= -1; params = hasAnchor? 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