Big Profits with Free Card Business Card Displays

Written by Rick Hendershot,

Tired of bogus get-rich-quick schemes that promiserepparttar world but deliver next to nothing? Here is a REAL product offering a REAL service. Andrepparttar 116915 profits are also very real if you are prepared to do a bit of work.

A few weeks ago Cesar Crespo of took advantage of our free website review service. Like most of us, Cesar wanted to get more traffic and figured he needed better Search Engine placement to get it. So he was wondering if I could recommend some changes that would "optimize" his pages. Needless to say, I was very impressed with his product.

The Free Card concept is very simple. Free Card Associates create a network of 10, 20 or more displays placed in high traffic locations. They then offer local advertisersrepparttar 116916 opportunity to have free business cards distributed to interested consumers. Free Card Limited is a relatively new company, with a very innovative product. As I have mentioned,repparttar 116917 product is calledrepparttar 116918 Free Card Business Card Display, and as far as we can tell, itrepparttar 116919 the first and only product of its kind anywhere.

Yes, that's right. Anywhere!

Free Card Business Card Displays hold specially designed full color business cards. Business cards are provided free to advertisers as part ofrepparttar 116920 advertising costs, andrepparttar 116921 business cards feature high impact special promotions.

Interested consumers browserepparttar 116922 Free Card Business Card Display, and if they are interested in a specific product they simply pressrepparttar 116923 appropriate button and a free business card is dispensed.

Are You Making These Mistakes In Your Business?

Written by Jennifer Tripp

You’ve probably heardrepparttar statistic that 95% of small businesses fail inrepparttar 116914 first five years. That’s not a very encouraging number! Although being part ofrepparttar 116915 5% that succeed is not easy, it’s definitely possible. What it takes is a lot of common sense, some marketing and sales skills andrepparttar 116916 ability to learn fromrepparttar 116917 mistakes of others.

To get you started onrepparttar 116918 road to success, here are three ofrepparttar 116919 biggest mistakes small businesses make and some tips to help you avoid them:

Mistake #1: Having a Poorly Defined Sales Process

The key to making money with any business is to stay focused on how you can “sell”, “sell more” and “sell more often”. Unfortunately most businesses don’t consider all ofrepparttar 116920 ways they can make money from customers and end up losing potential revenues.

There are three ways you can make money from your site:

1. Get More New Customers – This isrepparttar 116921 sales activity that most small businesses spend 90% of their efforts on. Although it’s an important element of your sales process, it’s only one of three ways you can make money. Don’t neglectrepparttar 116922 other two because you’re focused on only attracting new customers.

2. Make More Money From Each Transaction – Upselling isrepparttar 116923 process of increasingrepparttar 116924 value of a customer’s order. Offering additional products and services atrepparttar 116925 point of purchase is an effective way to increaserepparttar 116926 value ofrepparttar 116927 transaction.

3. Sell More Often To Existing Customers – Existing customers arerepparttar 116928 least expensive customers to sell to. Why? Because they’ve already purchased from you once so they trust you, you already know what they’re interested in and you know how to reach them. Use these facts to your advantage by following up with existing customers on a regular basis and offering them more products and services. This process is known as backend sales and is one ofrepparttar 116929 most overlooked revenue sources by small businesses.

A well-defined sales process will include all three of these. If you’re missing any of them you need to rethink your strategy fromrepparttar 116930 beginning. Start with your first contact with a customer and walk through step-by-step how you’ll take them from never having heard of you to being a lifelong customer.

Mistake #2: Not Learning What Makes a Website Sell

If you’ve been online longer than five minutes you know thatrepparttar 116931 “build it and they will come” mentality doesn’t work. If you want your business to succeed you need to learn how to make a website that sells.

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