Big Hearts and Oodles of Talent....It's All in the Family at Dogfellas!

Written by Dawnell Harrison

I read about Dogfellas in a wonderful article written by a well-known magazine and contacted them immediately. Dogfellas is run byrepparttar famous acting/writing Sorvino family including Paul, Mira, and Amanda Sorvino. Beingrepparttar 125517 big-hearted Manhattan gal that she is, Amanda Sorvino agreed to do a phone interview with me recently and I was moved by several accounts of dogs that they have helped to find good homes. Dogfellas began in February 2002 and they operate mainly from Manhattan and Pennsylvania, but are expanding torepparttar 125518 Los Angeles area inrepparttar 125519 future. Amanda describes her favorite day with Dogfellas when her father, Paul Sorvino, after

An End to Animal Cruelty...All Things Are Possible With PETA

Written by Dawnell Harrison

I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was when Carla Bennett of PETA agreed to do an e-mail interview with me! PETA’s headquarters are located in Norfolk, Virginia and they have offices in several other major cities and countries. PETA was incorporated in 1980 and made national headlines about one year later withrepparttar first-ever conviction of an animal experimenter for cruelty to animals, specifically cruelty to monkeys. (What animal would hurt a monkey?!) PETA then began a series of successful campaigns that ended car manufacturers’ use

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