Big Business Web Design Disasters

Written by Joel Walsh

When you think ofrepparttar world's most successful businesses, what names come to mind? Most likely, consumer-oriented giants such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Sheraton, Disney, IBM, and General Electric. Not only have they spent billions on advertising to buy their way into your head. They offer convenient products and services that have made them a part of your life.

But when you think ofrepparttar 149900 most successful web sites, what names come to mind? Names like Google, Yahoo! Amazon, AOL, Kazaa (for better or worse), and Hotmail.

The late-1990s mantra aboutrepparttar 149901 web being a disruptive technology that would destroy traditional companies may have been overstated. But a decade and a half intorepparttar 149902 web's existence, it is clear thatrepparttar 149903 world's leading corporations have been sidelined onrepparttar 149904 web.

The biggest shopping site is not but The biggest map site is not but

Established companies have usually only been able to buy their way into this market through acquisitions (as with Microsoft's purchase of Hotmail, which it used as a base for creating MSN).

Why, with few exceptions, wererepparttar 149905 world's most successful web sites not launched byrepparttar 149906 world's most successful corporations?

Many Big Name Companies' Web Sites a Vast Waste of Time for Visitors

The McDonald's web site talks about food, but has no real menu. The Coca-Cola USA web site has no clear ingredients list or nutritional information, no recipes for floats or mixed drinks, no company history, and nothing else useful to people who like Coke. All that information has been inexplicably located onrepparttar 149907 "company" page, which on every other web site is used for investor relations. The Johnson and Johnson web site has useful information if you can access it—whenrepparttar 149908 author attempted to open it, it crashed two different web browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla) before finally yielding (torepparttar 149909 Opera browser).

Many big-name companies' web sites offer lessons in what not to do in web design. The biggest lesson by far is not to sacrifice usability in an attempt to look cool, and never forget why your users came to your site inrepparttar 149910 first place. McDonald's may berepparttar 149911 world's largest restaurant chain, but it didn't get that way because of its web site.

Why Big-Budget Websites Are More Often Bombs than Blockbusters

The web sites of many successful corporations (both B2C and B2B) are like big-budget Hollywood movies that spend millions on stars and special effects, and a quarter of a percent ofrepparttar 149912 budget onrepparttar 149913 script. Worse,repparttar 149914 special effects of blockbuster web sites are far more annoying than impressive.

Special Effect that Bombs Number 1: Flash!

When web sites don't offer any content—any useful information to read—what do they put up there instead? Spinning Coke bottles. Chicken McNuggets and French fries that zoom out toward you when you position your cursor over them. Changing pictures of generic-looking office buildings and men in suits (onrepparttar 149915 web site of real estate giant CB Richard Ellis—but that essentially describesrepparttar 149916 generic look of many corporate web sites).

Shopping Search Engines, The Benefits and Explanations

Written by Ispas Marin

The Shopping Search Engines are a new breed onrepparttar Internet market, they are a research tool for both consumers and retailers. Using a shopping search enginerepparttar 149878 consumer can search at once more than one merchants, products and look atrepparttar 149879 prices in only one place. The shopping search engine is a software that puts together a number of online stores. They sellrepparttar 149880 products from thousands of merchants through their interface. To get their products listed inrepparttar 149881 shopping search enginesrepparttar 149882 retailers usually pay a per click fee and startup fee. In some casesrepparttar 149883 shopping search engines raterepparttar 149884 quality ofrepparttar 149885 merchants and promote them ifrepparttar 149886 their ratings are high.

If you would want to buy something you no longer need to go to regular search engine, search throughrepparttar 149887 results and findrepparttar 149888 product onrepparttar 149889 retailers website. The shopping search engine will show you directlyrepparttar 149890 merchant checkout page saving you money.

Here are some ofrepparttar 149891 benefits, listed:

Consumer Benefits:

Minimal click online shopping Multiple merchants in one place Multiple products in one place Merchant ratings Product ratings Prices include shipping and tax, if you fill in zip code box on screen Smart Buy is highlighted for you at - shows best rated merchant with cheapest price Saves consumer time and money, avoid long shopping lines and traffic during Christmas shopping season.

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