Bidding For Business - Facilitates the Future

Written by Mina Baller


Bidding For Business - Facilitatesrepparttar Future

Atlanta, November 25, 2003 – Asrepparttar 131781 world plugs in, there’s no doubt thatrepparttar 131782 business world is fast becoming an international arena. While day-to-day business continues, everything from research to marketing needs have taken on new meanings – and have createdrepparttar 131783 drive to find by-the-project professionals to fill those needs.

Jon Davis, a recruitment executive for Matrix Resources, an Atlanta-based technology placement firm, has noticed some stability returning torepparttar 131784 workforce – but is quick to note that most employers aren’t looking for full-time employees. Business today needs contractors – individuals who are paid byrepparttar 131785 project. ''I would say there are more employers today than there were inrepparttar 131786 past that likerepparttar 131787 flexibility of a contingent workforce,'' said Davis, attributing this shift torepparttar 131788 rising costs of supporting a full-time workforce, diminishing worker-employer loyalty, andrepparttar 131789 proliferation of technology. The need, then, is for freelance professionals who excel in specific commercial aspects of business – individuals ready to fulfill a company’s outsourcing needs. Covering all commercial categories, and its growing community of international resident professionals are revolutionizingrepparttar 131790 concept of outsourcing, giving project managersrepparttar 131791 chance to analyzerepparttar 131792 commercial field and hand-pick their candidate from a pool of bids. The services that these freelance experts offer range from software development, graphic and web design to genealogical and technical research. Harried writers have already found an inexpensive solution to their ghost writing, screenplay creation, and technical script writing needs - in short, has takenrepparttar 131793 guesswork and risk out of utilizing contract talent.

Why Web Designers & Webmasters Should Promote Themselves as Problem-

Written by Bonnie Lowe

Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do to make money designing web sites is create your own site as a shining example of your creative talent, and then sit back and wait forrepparttar offers to come pouring in? Don’t hold your breath.

There are thousands of competing web site designers promoting their services. Unless you get your site ranked among those onrepparttar 131779 first page or two ofrepparttar 131780 search engine listings, most prospective clients will never even see it. But this isn’t an article about how to get better search engine rankings.

There is another way to find clients – advertising. More specifically, advertising focused directly at your target market, which is small business owners looking for your services.

Here’s a tip: do not followrepparttar 131781 advertising examples you see in newspapers,repparttar 131782 Yellow Pages, or onrepparttar 131783 Internet – most of them are ineffective. They feature nice graphics and have attractive layouts, but they use phrases like “Database development, Interactive Forms, HTML/ASP/XML services...” Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Do those words tell him anything useful? What if he’s not “Internet-savvy,” doesn’t know if he needs a database, or has no clue what HTML is?

Instead, explain how your service will give your prospect what he needs. For example, “Increase your sales and profits by promoting your products and services online with a well-designed, effective web site…” Describerepparttar 131784 benefits of having a web site. Use terms that will appeal torepparttar 131785 prospect (save time, save money, increase profits, etc.). Instead of trying to convince people that you arerepparttar 131786 best designer, convince them that you understand their needs and can solve their problems!

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