Bible Verses for Your Wedding - Part I

Written by Deborah Spence

An important aspect of planning your wedding is selecting Scriptures to be read inrepparttar ceremony. Many clergy encourage couples to look throughrepparttar 127046 Bible and choose some appropriate verses. This provides an excellent way forrepparttar 127047 bride and groom to personalize their service by choosing passages that have a special meaning for them or speak to their particular situation. For many couples this is both exciting and daunting. After all,repparttar 127048 Bible is a pretty big book! Where to begin? How to choose? Which to choose?

Most members ofrepparttar 127049 clergy will not object to more than one reading during your ceremony. In fact, many will encourage you to pick as many as 3 passages. As difficult as it might be for you to believe, it can be hard to narrow it down. There are so many from which to choose!

The following list is Part One of a two-part article and begins with readings fromrepparttar 127050 Old Testament, also known asrepparttar 127051 Hebrew Bible. The list comes as a result of years of working with wedding couples in Episcopal, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Christian Science churches and from my education at bothrepparttar 127052 undergraduate and graduate levels.

Direct quotes fromrepparttar 127053 Bible are taken fromrepparttar 127054 King James Version, which is inrepparttar 127055 public domain. The interpretations or paraphrases of these verses are strictly my own. However, they do reflect mainstream thought and are non-denominational in perspective.

Part One - Old Testament and Apocrypha

Readings fromrepparttar 127056 Old Testament, also called The Hebrew Bible, are also most appropriate for Jewish weddings.

Genesis 1:27-28a, 31a God's good and gracious work in creating man and woman for each other


Written by Rolf Gompertz

North Hollywood, California – Abraham,repparttar patriarch of three religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – isrepparttar 127044 focal point of “Abraham,repparttar 127045 Dreamer: An Erotic and Sacred Love Story,” by Rolf Gompertz, a Jewish writer and novelist. The fast-paced, provocative, biblical novel exploresrepparttar 127046 turbulent love triangle involving Abraham, his emotionally distant wife, Sarah, and her handmaid, Hagar, “the other woman,” who is assigned to give Abraham a son and becomesrepparttar 127047 love of his life. The print-on-demand, paperback book may be browsed online and purchased direct fromrepparttar 127048 publisher at or toll-free at 1/877/823-9235. It is also available from any neighborhood bookstore (ISBN 0-595-17697-6, 260 pages, $14.95) or from . Ingram Books isrepparttar 127049 wholesaler.

The troubled love triangle culminates with Abraham’s near-fatal sacrifice of Isaac,repparttar 127050 son born finally torepparttar 127051 childless Sarah. The book, aboutrepparttar 127052 “First Family” of Jews, Christians and Muslims, offers an unconventional interpretation ofrepparttar 127053 biblical story, with Sarah portrayed as a high priestess in service to Inanna,repparttar 127054 Sumerian goddess of Love and War, while Abraham responds torepparttar 127055 call of a new, single, invisible God. The story is set againstrepparttar 127056 pagan practices ofrepparttar 127057 times, including Canaanite Moloch-worship, with its child sacrifices, andrepparttar 127058 erotic Sacred Marriage Rite performed by Sarah in Sumer, Egypt and Canaan. (Note: This novel contains sexually explicit material.)

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