Beyond the Teacups: The dizzying array of fun and entertainment at Walt Disney World

Written by Leslie Clevenstine

Traveling to Disney World with someone who needs an air sickness bag to ride a carousel? Or who doesn’t find whimsy in being tossed about in a spinning teacup? Not to fear. Disney World is actually one ofrepparttar best places for non-theme park types (yes, they do exist).

Visitingrepparttar 147621 theme parks in Disney World is an experience that goes far beyond thrill rides. Many ofrepparttar 147622 attractions are not rides at all, but entertainment experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s just a small sampling of what you can experience atrepparttar 147623 Disney theme parks that are not rides inrepparttar 147624 traditional sense ofrepparttar 147625 term:

Magic Kingdom Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin – take aim atrepparttar 147626 evil emperor Zurg with your “laser gun” as you travel through outerspace Hall of Presidents – history lesson given by audio-animatronic versions ofrepparttar 147627 U.S. presidents Goofy’s Country Dancing Jamboree – learn country line dancing with Goofy and friends Mickey’s Philharmagic – 3D magical adventure with Mickey, Donald Duck and a host of other characters Share a Dream Come True Parade – held every afternoon at 3:00 pm Wishes fireworks – evening fireworks set to music (check park map for times)

Epcot Spaceship Earth – ride through time as you learn aboutrepparttar 147628 history of communications Honey I Shrunkrepparttar 147629 Audience – 3D theater experience with a few unexpected surprises Living Seas – first rate aquarium and oceanography exhibit World Showcase entertainment – a host of entertainment can be found each day, all of it top notch (consultrepparttar 147630 park map for times) Illuminations – fireworks and laser spectacular set to music, held at park closing each evening Impressions de France – large screen movie on France and its people The American Adventure – a multi-media telling of American history by Ben Franklin and Mark Twain

Toddlers in Walt Disney World: A Parent’s Survival Guide

Written by Leslie Clevenstine

It was one ofrepparttar most anticipated vacations ever. I had spent over 8 months researching and planning our Disney World vacaction down torepparttar 147620 last detail. My 3-year old daughter had already given up napping, was potty trained, extremely adventurous, and was used to spendingrepparttar 147621 occassional night away from home. All we needed was good weather and we were going to have a great time exploringrepparttar 147622 Disney parks together…not!

She spentrepparttar 147623 first 3 days ofrepparttar 147624 trip clinging to my leg and whining non-stop. She was afraid of many ofrepparttar 147625 tame attractions. And what did she want to do more than anything? Swim. We had flown 1,000 miles to swim!

After speaking to a lot of other parents, my story’s not unusual. So, what’srepparttar 147626 moral here? Well, it’s not “don’t take your toddler to Disney World.” Because despite a rocky start, we had a great time. And you can too, with a few helpful strageies:

Leave your expectations at home. Every child is going to react differently to a Disney World vacation. If your child has not traveled much, being away from their familiar surroundings is completely overwhelming, even in a child-friendly place like Disney World. Your hope of spending long days inrepparttar 147627 parks hitting allrepparttar 147628 rides won’t work with a child who is tired, hot, and out of sorts. Having a “go withrepparttar 147629 flow” attitude will serve everyone in your group much better.

Move at a more leisurely pace. Disney World is one of those vacations where you can come home feeling more tired than when you left. You’re up early to gorepparttar 147630 parks, walking all day, rushing to get to dinner reservations on time… This type of pace is more than most toddlers who are away from home can bear. Plan a morning or two to sleep in. And don’t try to see everything—chooserepparttar 147631 top five attractions you’d like to see at each park and see them first. Anything else you get to experience in addition is gravy.

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